Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review of Night's Child (Sweep #15) by Cate Tiernan

Night's Child (Sweep, #15)

Here is the Goodreads Description:
Morgan's saga continues in this double-length, stand alone SWEEP book. Moira's Story will shoot readers forward through time, where we will meet Morgan's daughter-raised as a blood witch-and follow her adventures as the progeny of one of the most powerful blood witches the Seven Great Clans have ever known.

Well, here it is, the final book of this series. I can't believe this is it.

Morgan had a child named Moira. Moira fell in love with Ian, but he was from the Ealltuinn coven. Morgan didn't trust him because she was worried that he would end up like Cal, who used her to bring her to his mother Selene. Dark magic was being worked, and she needed to find out where it was coming from. She had a suspected that it was from Ealltuinn.

Moira got ahold of Morgan's Book of Shadows and couldn't believe what she learned from it. She had no idea who her mother really was. She will find out who she really is and how strong her powers really are.

This was a great series and ends on a good note. This book was great, and the second half of the book just flies by. This is definately a great series to read!

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