Review Policy

Review Policy

I do accept books from both publishers and authors for review and posting. I am available for select book tours, as well.

 I have a Kindle, so I do accept e-books!

What I Enjoy Reading & Reviewing

Fiction (General)
Fiction (Christian)
Fiction (Urban)
Fiction (Women’s)
Fiction (Young Adult)

So pretty much I am open to anything except:

What I Prefer Not To Review

  Fiction (Historical)

Review Schedule: I have my review schedule listed.  I read book in order that they are received.   If you have a specific time frame for the book you would like me to review, please state this preference when you contact me! I do review every book I read.

My Review:  I will give an honest review of my thoughts of the book.  I will give your book a rating between 1/5 to 5/5 diamonds.

Postings:  I post my review on Black Diamond's Book Reviews, Urban Image Magazine, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes And Noble.

Contact me at : and put "book review" in the subject line.

I do not charge for book reviews but I do offer advertising.

I do review books by self-published authors.