Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review of 'Til It's Gone by Dwayne S. Joseph

Til It's Gone

Paperback, 300 pages
Published August 1st 2008 by Urban Books

Goodreads Description:
Everyone knows it's hard being in a relationship. But have you ever thought about cheating? What would happen if you were ever caught? These are the questions being posed in this dramatic novel by Dwayne S. Joseph.
Danita and Stephen have been together for five years. Things are great between them until an unexpected discovery sends Danita inot a tailspin. With her trust shattered and temptation at her new job, she must decide whether to work things out or move on.
As the boundaries of love and fidelity are tested, can their relationship survive the worst? Or will they not realize what they have until it's gone?

My thoughts:
As usual, I was not disappointed by Dwayne Joseph's writing. He has a great way of really making the characters come alive. I also like how he uses brand names to describe what he is talking about, such as page 8 where he describes Danita as wearing Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for her perfume. I happen to wear that too. He always goes in to detail as far as what clothes people are wearing the brands of cars, etc. It really makes everything come alive.

If I was Danita, I probably would have thought the same thing she did at first, but she shouldn't have gone and did what she thought Stephen did. What happened though from the whole incident was really a blessing in disguise for Stephen.

I have to say that the ending gave me chills when Stephen saw the man leaning against the wall.

5/5 stars

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