Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another New Tattoo!

Well on July 18, I saw this on Goodreads:

As promised, something cool today!

At long last, the molnija mark's artist has finally unveiled two of the other much-anticipated tattoos from the Vampire Academy series.

First, the promise mark:

And, the zvezda mark, aka "the battle mark" given to those with too many Strigoi kills to count.

Cool, eh? Zvezda is Russian for star, just as molnija is Russian for lightning. As you can see, VA kind of keeps the naming system simple.

Yes, I loved the Zvezda mark and knew that was going to be my next tattoo. I was a little afraid, because it is located on the neck in the book, so I had to be true to the book. It is quite a prominent place, but I love it! This tattoo actually didn't hurt that bad, not as bad as the butterflies on my back.
So here it is! Got it yesterday!