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Book Review - Regression by Rickey Teems II - July 25, 2011


Kindle Edition
Published February 1st 2008 by NoGuile Books
  (book 4 of 13 - 3rd Quarter 2K11 Reading/Reviewing Challenge)

About the Book:
What if you woke up one morning to find...Hip Hop banned throughout the country? African-American athletes boycotting U.S Olympic teams? Welfare abruptly cut-off to the public? School classrooms assigned by ethnicity? Black students kicked out of colleges? Secret Hispanic plans to regain control of Southern California? Presidential plans to lock up all members of one culture? Racial restructuring of the entire United States? Aeneas Mayes just wants to move on from the troubled streets he was raised on and get his life together to be a better example for his son, Naashon. But when he wakes up late for his African-American History mid-term one morning, he quickly learns that his troubles are just beginning. One by one, racially charged decisions by the U.S. government are seemingly turning back the hands of time on civil rights, and Aeneas and the Black community are soon slapped with a first-hand history lesson of discrimination and injustice. The action is non-stop as Aeneas is now forced to rely on his street savvy and some of the unlikeliest of allies to get his son and loved ones back to freedom. But when local law enforcement receives assistance from the military to handle the riotous uprisings throughout urban America, the stakes rise beyond control. And when his best friend is apprehended and thrown in confinement camp for African-Americans, Aeneas will have to make a decision that will impact every life around him. Sound like the Civil War era? The turbulent 60’s? No, it’s 2008, and this is: Regression.

About the Author:

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Excerpt from the book:
 “Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor! The camera’s are ready to roll, sir! We need you to take your position at the podium. Please sir, this way!”

The attractive, female aide guided the well-dressed, closely-shaven, Hispanic man to the four-foot wooden stand with a City of Los Angeles Emblem etched on the front. A handsome, Middle Eastern man adjusted the numerous microphones to the appropriate levels. The lady shifted the knot on the Mayor’s blue tie and straightened his dark-blue, Brooks Brothers suit jacket. He winked at her before she stepped away from the stage.

With her out of his sights, he was faced with an audience of reporters from various local news stations and publications. Security saturated the room, keeping a close eye on the few feet that separated the journalist and broadcasters from the slightly elevated stage the Mayor was standing on.

He surveyed the room once more and took a deep breath. He whirled his right index finger in the air as the cue to start. Red, record lights came on as the small contingency of cameras focused in.

The media loved him, and his political prowess was undeniable. There were already talks from politicians across the U.S. that he would be the next Governor of California. He looked significantly younger than he was, and epitomized charisma and charm. Even a recent scandal with a mistress that led to his wife filing for divorce hadn’t tarnished his image too much. His Hispanic heritage had played a significant factor in being elected mayor in the predominately Latin city. But despite a nod of approval from the current governor of the state, and even a late confirmation phone call from the United States President himself, this particular announcement had the potential to be career suicide.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, fellow Angeleanos, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedules in light of the short notice provided to you. Thank you.” He thumbed through a couple of index cards and then continued. “As many of you are now aware, several executive decisions have been handed down on both domestic and certain state levels that would have previously been considered unprecedented. Clearly, we are in an era of change.” Despite his Hispanic background, there was little evidence of an accent. “For too long now, we have watched as the rights and freedoms allowed to us in this great country have been taken for granted by many and taken advantage of by many others. Well, it is time for change. The government has made clear that no longer will our hard earned tax dollars be utilized on undeserving individuals or measures, which is why we are restructuring the classrooms and ending government assistance. No more will destructive outlets be permitted to contaminate the young minds of our future generations, which is why rap music has been banned throughout our U.S. We will no longer sit around and watch as the fabric of this mighty nation comes unraveled at the threads.”

Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats. With the recent amount of extreme legislation passing that had shocked the country, even members of the media had no insight as to what could be expected. Wave after wave of special interest laws were being handed down that, just one week prior, would have seemed unthinkable.

“It is imperative that we embrace the same spirit our founders established this land on. Today, we have experienced tragedy like none other of late. City-wide riots have left so many father and husbandless, mother and wifeless, sister and brotherless, childless. To the brave families of the fallen police, sheriffs, and school officials, I promise you that we will not allow this misfortune to continue. Early stats have shown a direct link to the recent violence and one particular ethnicity,” he paused as the eyes of everyone in the room grew with him in sight. “For that reason, from this moment forward, all African-Americans, at work, at school, on the street, no matter where, that are deemed threatening by local law enforcement authorities, will be detained on site and placed in restrictive confines.”

My Review:
Excellent - Really made me think
Rap and hip hop is banned!  If anyone sells, buys, or listens to it, they are breaking the law.  Yes, didn't you know that there is a link between rap music and crime?  Aeneas could not even believe it.   Not only that, but now they also believe that they should divide classrooms by race for better learning purposes?  I mean, whites, Mexicans, Asians, and blacks all have different learning needs from each other right? ---- Hogwash!

I don't know about you, but all of this really pissed me off---literally!  I know this is just a book, but it didn't feel like it while I was reading it.  I put myself in the story and just imagined if rap was banned and classrooms were divided by race.  It was like it was back to the times of segregation.   I could not believe that a book really had so much impact on me.  I really was mad while I was reading this book.  Can a book really do that?  Believe me when I say that it can.

"The district just implemented some new seating regs for the busses," the driver explained.  "You can still sit anywhere you want, just has to be behind row fifteen.  Just behind that emergency exit door there, and only on the right hand side," the driver turned and pointed to the general direction he was referring to. (loc. 236-39 on Kindle).

Imagine the poor kids how they felt when they couldn't sit with their friends because they were a different race.  Yeah, because  you know that the color of your skin makes a difference right.  Come on!  You think that's bad, well I'm telling you that it gets much worse.  You will have to read the book, but trust when I say that it will make your blood boil no matter who you are.

Rickey Teems II really wrote a book like one I've never read before.    He brings the issue of segregation to the present times, and I really felt afraid for the African Americans in the story.

Regression was really eye opening to me.  Rickey Teems II did an awesome job in shocking me from the beginning.  He didn't stop there though.  The story was well developed and very believable.  I found myself very afraid for some of the characters. The ending was definitely something I didn't expect either.  I recommend this book!

My Rating

5/5 Diamonds - Highly Recommend!

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Disclaimer:  My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.

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  2. Sounds like a thought provoking story for sure. Excellent review.

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