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Book Review - Anna J Presents Erotic Snapshots, Vol. 2 by Anna J, Dwayne S. Joseph, T. Real, Treasure E. Blue - July 27, 2011

Anna J Presents Erotic Snapshots, Vol. 2

by Anna J, Dwayne S. Joseph, T. Real,Treasure E. Blue
Published July 17th 2011 by The Writers Edge Publications

About the Book:

In this second edition of Erotic Snap Shots, you will be blessed with the hottest stories from an all MALE cast of writers. Every man has a fantasy, and now you will get a bird's eye view on what men really want.

In Anonymity, Dawayne S. Joseph brings you lust like you've never had before. He's searching for the ultimate, erotic high. She's searching for an erotic thrill she would never forget. They are two strangers at a party in which Anonymity is the requirement for the evening. Will they risk breaking the rules for a brief moment of lust or will they keep up the charade?

In The Ultimate Blind Date, T. Real introduces you to Myeisha Crawford. After being on a man strike for a year, she finally decides to allow her best friend Jasmine to hook her up on a blind date with play boy Marcus Jones. From the past she has had the most terrifying encounters when it comes to blind dates, but in one night all that will change. Welcome to the Ultimate Blind date.

In Boy Candy, Treasure E. Blue brings the noise like no one else can. Jasmine Gray and her husband Russell, former NBA superstar, are at the end of their marital bliss and she cannot wait until the divorce is finalized. With the divorce pending and millions of dollar in assets and real estate at stake, Jasmine is ready to move on with her life of independence and get her groove back. Jasmine has bigger needs, a need that hasn't been quenched in years by her cheating husband; a sexual healing. Just when everything is within her grasp, she encounters a much younger man that awakens every sexual fiber in her body. She spins her web in a game of sinful seduction, only to find her new found Boy Toy is playing the game for keeps.

Dwayne, T. Real and Treasure definitely brought their A game likes it's never been done before in this second volume of Anna J Presents: Erotic Snapshots! This string of Erotic Snapshots being presented to you by Anna J. features some of your favorite authors and a few soon to be favorites. Get ready for the ride and have a loved one close by. You never know when or where things might pop off!

My Review:

I just had to get this book when I saw that Dwayne S. Joseph wrote one of the short stories.  Plus, at $2.99 on Kindle, you really can't beat that price!  I haven't read anything by any of the other authors, but I do look forward to reading more of their books.

Anonymity by Dwayne S. Joseph was a very sexy story.  I could really feel the anticipation of the characters as they lusted for each other.   I really didn't want the story to end!  Dwayne is one of my favorite authors and always puts 110% into his writing.

The Ultimate Blind Date by T. Real was also a great short and erotic story.  I look forward to reading more by T. Real!

Boy Candy by Treasure E. Blue was the last and longer story of the three.   Jasmine thinks she is going to really put something over on her husband Russell.  She won't stop at anything to get what she wants.  She gave her niece some advice and surprised me by the way she acted toward her.  At least her niece put the advice to good use!

I highly recommend that you read Erotic Snapshots Volume 2!  It was a very quick and erotic read!  It was a good way to introduce people to these three authors and give readers a taste of their talent!

My Rating

5/5 Diamonds - Highly Recommend!

Buy the book at:
Amazon (on Kindle for 2.99)

About the Authors:

Anna J.

Find out more about her at:!.  Her newest book, Hell's Diva, can be purchased at Amazon.

Dwayne S. Joseph

Truth or Dare by Dwayne S. Joseph comes out on September 27 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.  You can find out more about Dwayne S. Joseph and his books at   I have read most of his books, and have the reviews on my blog.  Also, you can read his book In Strict Confidence.  It is available at for only $.99 per chapter.   A new chapter comes out each month and it's an awesome book!

T. Real

T. Real is coming out with his first book Homicide City in September.  You can find out more about him at

Treasure E. Blue

Find out more about him and his books at:

Disclaimer:  My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.

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  1. stopping by to read your latest review. i dab into erotic a bit. im going to put this on my list of books.

  2. Did you read this one before the concert??? LOL!

  3. You will like it Sidne! Yeah I did Staci!