Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Tattoo!

I went to a tattoo party yesterday and got a new tattoo!
I knew I wanted butterflies, but I wasn't exactly sure of the design. Another lady came in with this butterfly design I really liked. There ended up being 3 of us that liked the same design, but we all put our own twist on it. I was the only one that had a dragonfly. I was going to put a butterfly for my husband, but Nicole (tattoo artist and my cousin) said maybe he would rather have a dragonfly, and I decided that was good. I Decided to do birth colors for everyone. Meredith is aquamarine, Elizabeth is Emerald, and Mike is PERIDOT but he also likes orange, so I had some orange put into the dragonfly. Mine is opal or Pink Tourmaline. I like pink so that it what I decided on. I never realized before yesterday that everyone else in my family has a greenish color birthstone but me! I wanted names put on, but they had me look at it first to make sure, and yes I still wanted names.
I have one other tattoo which is dolphins circling my ankle. I don't remember it hurting as much as yesterday's hurt, but it was a lot bigger tattoo too. My husband was surprised I got such a big tattoo, but I figured if I am going to do it I am going to go big!
I think Nicole did a great job, and will definately call her when I want my next one! One of the girls got her butterflies on her upper thigh and another on her calf. The first person got an angel on her shoulder.


  1. You are a brave woman!!! I do love the tat!

  2. This is just beautiful! Go big or go home!

  3. Wow. Very pretty. Love the meanings behind it.

  4. Thank you Staci. Yes, I was very brave. Thanks Felicia! Thanks Eleni! Thanks Juju. I really didn't have it all planned out before I went, but it turned out just perfect! Thanks Lorielle. Yes, I agree, no sense going small! Thanks Linda! I do love my tattoo and my family!