Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glenn Gamble - Jim Money Blog Tour (Guest Post) - October 11, 2011

Today I am happy to be hosting Glenn Gamble for his Jim Money Blog Tour.
His newest book is BON APPéTIT. I will be reading it soon and will be interviewing Glenn Gamble himself on my blog on November 22!

Jim Money’s Reading List

Glenn Gamble told me that I should start blogging in order to introduce myself to readers. I asked him what I should blog about. He answered once two honeydips brought him his robe, slippers and pimp goblet. They looked like they should be in the Playboy Ranch instead of Glenn’s house. He said “Mr. Money, you can blog about anything you’d like.” When I asked if he had any ideas, he paused as he chewed the cool whip dipped strawberry that was hand fed by one of his beauties. Then he said that I should tell the audience something about me that they didn’t know before. Before I could say thanks, some Julius Peppers looking guy with a football head and NFL body escorted me out the door. I would have kicked his ass, but the football body guy gave me another honeydip’s number. Apparently Glenn kicked her out of his house because she didn’t present his goblet with the proper hold. Glenn’s an asshole, but football is a great guy. Glenn, if you’re reading I now know where the book royalties are going to –royalties that you should be paying me.

Before I call the honeydip, I’d like to share my current reading list with you. I won’t spend much time typing a long blog list because the honeydip is a fox, and I must strike quick before all the hawks come down to scoop her out of my hands. Keep a few things in mind as you go down my list: 1) I am the best book character of all time; 2) I don’t like books that many guardians of great literature exalt to god-like stature because they start off slow, continue to be slow, and wait 30 chapters to get to the action—that crap bores me to tears; 3) I favor thrillers that are unapologetically violent and have graphic sex scenes that get my dick hard. Take those things into consideration as you go down my list:

1) Bon Appetit, Escape, On the Run and James- I like those books because I’m the main character in all of them, and I get to kick a lot of ass and have sex once in a while.

2) Origin by JA Konrath- It’s about Satan waking up in an underground government laboratory after being buried in a capsule hundreds of years ago. Tons of kick-ass action in this book.

3) The Good Guy by Dean Koontz- Robert Kessler who is often referred to as Krait is a kick-ass villain. The best villain I’ve read so far.

4) Run by Blake Crouch- This is an excellent all around book. Not only does it contain a lot of action, but he captures the emotional highs and lows of a family that tries to stick together as the world around them goes into extreme chaos. This book comes 2nd only to the books where I’m doing a bunch of ass-kicking.

5) Back on Murder by J. Mark Bertrand- I just started this book, but it’s a very interesting police procedural about a detective on the brink of being forced off the police force being assigned to a homicide case where he has to find a way to overcome the tension from working with a much younger, but less knowledgeable lead detective in order to earn his keep on the force.

Glenn Gamble says: I tell this man to write a blog today about something that no one knows about him and he accuses me of living a carefree life as a rich Charlie Sheen like caricature. I love his reading list, I take no responsibility for the things that Jim Money says. His account of me having two women at my beckoned call is inaccurate and so is the idea that he’s not being paid what he deserves. Look, he’s a book character and he’s got plenty of money in all four books. I might have to kill him in my next book. Goodness, what have I created here.

Glenn Gamble is the author of A Thousand Chances, Bon Appetit, Escape, On the Run, and James. All of his books are available on Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Gamble/e/B002BMGSVK and Barnes and Noble Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Glenn-Gamble?keyword=Glenn+Gamble&store=allproducts and Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/glenngamble

He also encourages you to visit his website http://www.GlennGamble.com

BON APPéTIT (available on Kindle)

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  1. OH, I'm glad i stopped by to catch up on whatcha been reading. was going to email you about the blog tour.

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