Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review of A Dollar and A Dream by Carl Weber, La Jill Hunt, Angel Hunter and Dwayne S. Joseph

A Dollar And A Dream

by Carl Weber, La Jill Hunt, Angel M. Hunter, Dwayne S. Joseph
300 pages

Goodreads description:

Which of us hasn't daydreamed about what we d do if we won the lottery? A Dollar And A Dream brings those fantasies to hilarious, heartbreaking life in three stories by #1 national bestselling author Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt, Essence bestselling author Angel Hunter, and bestselling author Dwayne S. Joseph.

In "Easy Street," Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt deliver a drama-filled world of money, greed, and lies. When Paul, a wannabe player, is sent out by his neighbors to buy lottery tickets, his world is turned upside-down - and so are the lives of unsuspecting friends who may not only lose the winning tickets, but also their homes...

"Ghetto Fabulous" is the story of a single mother with three kids from three different daddies. Money is what she needs, yet when she wins big, she s left wondering what to do. Friends and family she never knew she had are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. But where were they when she needed help?

With one person designated to purchase tickets for the $180 million jackpot, six co-workers lives will be changed forever as each of them learns just how strong the pull of money can be. One Night, Six Dreams is a wild, shocking tale of just how far a person might go to have it all...

My thoughts:
All of the stories in this book were great. I had a bunch of spots marked to put in my review, but you really should read it all for yourself. It is amazing what people will do for money.

Here is a quote from each story:

Easy Street by Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt:
P.21 "I need to borrow two dollars until tomorrow. So I can play Lotto.Ain't you heard? The jackpot's fifty million."
"Yeah, I heard, but I ain't givin' you shit.

Ghetto Fabulous by Angel Hunter
"Little did I know a dream about numbers and a little bit of luck would change my life. What happened? I hit the lottery. Can you believe that shit? Me, a young black girl from the 'hood, who one day decided, what the hell, and bought a ticket, was now a multimillionaire."
P. 188
"I tell you this story to say: never give up hope, never doubt, and always believe. We don't know what life holds in store for us."
I love that second quote! Good words to live by!

One Night...Six Dreams by Dwayne S. Joseph
"I just won the lottery. I just won the goddamn lottery wroth one hundred and eighty million dollars!
"Shit. In my excitement I completely forgot that we all chipped in ten bucks for sixty tickets. I have to share the jackpot."
"But wait a minute. I did all the hard work. No one came with me and stood for over an hour in line to get those tickets. I have the winning tickets and no proof that they contributed anything, so it's my word against theirs. One hundred and eighty million dollars. Split six ways, that's thirty million apiece. Split one way, that's a hell of a lot more to spend."

This third story was my favorite. It was very action packed and had a surprising end!

Gave this book 5 out of 5 stars!