Friday, May 14, 2010

Fitness Friday Update #3 - May 14, 2010

I got serious this week! I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday. He has me taking AF Betafood for arm pain. He says the arm pain may be signaling a gallbladder problem. The AF Betafood is helping, so he confirmed that it is a gallbladder problem. He said it's good news that I know what is causing the problem, but bad news that I know what is causing the problem. He said I know what I need to do. I drink too much pop and eat too many sweets. Last time he told me how bad nutrasweet is--like a poison, so I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi and started drinking regular, but way too much of it. I have cut down to 2 a day. I have to have one first in thing in the morning and I have 1 at night.

After my appointment on Monday, I stopped by Weight Watchers since they were open for walk-in's all day. I weighed 178 and decided okay, time to get serious about this again. I got a kit with the fast foot companion and regular food companion. I also got a cookbook which I need to start using. I lost my book with my previous weights in it, but they gave me a new one since I haven't been there yet this year. Where did the time go? Last time I went I know I weighed 163.

I have been counting my points all week. I did eat out a Grandma's Tacos Wednesday night. I did bring my book in to look up what I should have. I had a taco salad, and yes I did eat the bowl. I counted the points. I didn't eat the salsa and chips that was served before the meal. Last night I ate 3 pieces of pizza and dipped it in garlic butter sauce and I did have an ice cream cone too. I went over in points, but today is a new day. I didn't do too bad. I am down to 175.5 since Monday! I haven't even been exercising either. Hopefully it gets warm and stops raining so I can start walking again!

1. Weight on 3/31/10: 172
2. Weight on 5/7/10: 178
3. Today's weight (4/14/10): 175.5
Total: -2.5 pounds!!!!!


  1. You had a great week! I've been trying to cut back on sugar in my diet too, and it's not easy!

  2. What a great week! I made it into the 180's (189) but considering I started at 206 that isn't bad. I am so proud of you for getting back on the horse :)

  3. Cutting out pop will be so hard for me!!! I'm proud of you hon..I'm like you and find myself an emotional eater!! Let's hope that the weather is better next week and we can all get out more!