Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hour 20 - The Hungry Readers Readathon Challenge

This challenge is at:
For this challenge, we want to read about or see the foods and drinks that are keeping you awake and reading. Possibilities include answering one or a few of the following questions. What's your reading fuel? And how much of this food or drink have you consumed during the readathon? Do you have a story of how you've had to work to get your page-turning hands on that food or drink? Have a picture to post about the disgusting, satisfying and secret munchie that's keeping your eyes open? Have you recruited a family member to be your food servant? Are you actually considering using an IV of caffeine?

I am drinking Diet Pepsi (on my 3rd 24 oz bottle!).

I have been eating jelly beans, string cheese, frozen pudding, cookies, pretty much anything sweet that I can get my hands on!

I have the TV on for noise (hate a quiet house) and watching VHI Classic Metal!
(Remember Winger!)


  1. I can see how the combination of that much diet Pepsi and classic metal could REALLY help to keep you awake.

    The sweets are also a good touch. I hope more are in reach for the last few hours!