Monday, November 7, 2011

Author Spotlight - Hans Lindor - Most Inspirational Author Interview - November 7, 2011

Book Details
Title: I Am Going Where I Belong
Author: Hans Lindor
Publisher: Enaz Publications
Pages: Paperback; 150
Release Date: February 25, 2011
Source: Hans Lindor sent me a signed copy

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Hans Lindor
I am spotlighting Author Hans Lindor all week.
I read and reviewed his book back on April 5, 2011. Here is a link to my interview.

The reason that I put Hans Lindor in the spotlight is because I am Going Where I Belong is a powerful book that more people should read. I found it so interesting to find out more about Haiti. Not only that, but he is very inspirational. Why do I feel he is the most inspirational author? Listen to Hans Lindor in this podcast.

After listening to that interview you can't tell me that you have no interest in reading his book. I guarantee if you read it you won't be disappointed. It really reads like a memoir, but it isn't. It just has characters that seem so real.
I have had a lot going on my life. Anyway, I am now reading this book for a second time. I don't normally re-read books, but I Am Going Where I Belong was that powerful that I feel like I really need to read it again. He really is an inspiration.

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