Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review of Black Jack by Jean Holloway

Black Jack (Deck of Cardz)

by Jean Holloway
Lead Homicide Detective Shevaughn Robinson has gone from the cop everyone, including herself, doubted to the "golden child" of the Portsborough Police Department with a record of sensational arrests and closed cases.
But when a lonely widow is found dead from an apparent suicide, her family insists it was murder and pressures the Portsborough Police Department to take on the investigation. Detective Robinson is assigned to the case at a time when she is struggling to strike a balance between her personal and professional life following the death of the love of her life. This case awakens a complicated relationship with someone who harbors resentment towards Shevaughn for the death of the serial killer dubbed Ace of Hearts.
Was it suicide or the work of a cold-blooded predator? Will life throw Shevaughn another unexpected blow? And will Shevaughn's attempts to move forward inadvertently lead death to her front door yet again?
Black Jack is the sequel to Jean Holloway's acclaimed debut novel, Ace of Hearts. Buckle up and follow Shevaughn as she moves closer to solving a new, yet old case, unknowingly rekindling old grudges and awakening a sinister spirit.
Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

My thoughts:
Wow was this an amazing book!
Detective Shevaughn Robinson is back, now with a 3 year old daughter named Toni. She is investigating a suicide of Helene Elliott, but it seems like there is something just not right about it being a suicide. There is also another serial killer to deal with. Here is a quote from page 23:

"He left for his day at the library. Today is research day. When he got there, he went directly to the microfiche machine and began looking through the newspaper obituaries for married men who died between 1980 and 1983. Their widows would be due for a little romance by now. He stayed there for hours, searching for her. His meticulous search netted seven names that merited further investigation. If some husband died and it made the first five pages of the paper, well, that meant a definite bonus because the dead man was powerful and with power came money. Their widows made excellent prospects for his future plans."

There is just so much going on in this book and it just sucked me in and hooked me until the last page. There was romance, death, and very disturbed people. For some reason, every time I think of Shevaughn, I picture Queen Latifah. If this was made into a movie and I so see her playing Von. I just can't say enough about how much I enjoyed reading this book and really look forward to reading the next book which is Deuces Wild. I have that book pre-ordered and it's coming out this week!

5 stars *****


  1. I love it when a book keeps you interested from the beginning to the end!!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. This review is a GREAT birthday present. Queen Latifah, huh? (from your mouth to God's ears) I can see that. So now I hope you are ready for 'Deuces Wild'.

  3. Jean, I am so ready for Deuces Wild. I have it ordered!