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Book Review - The Healing of Love & Laughter by Rickey Teems II - October 12, 2011

Some smiles reflect more than just good times, occasionally they are a mask for pain. Comedian Isaac Golden learns the bright lights of Hollywood may shine for triumph, but in the shadows, drugs, wild women, and the fast life are waiting to take their toll on his soul. With the health of his childrens' mother on the brink, a sex-crazed mistress on the side, the criminal woes of his inept younger brother, and increasing stage opportunities, trying to balance ambitions of stardom with reality is no laughing matter. When his faith and obligations are challenged beyond his control, Isaac realizes that overnight success can be tomorrow's biggest failure. He soon finds himself in a deep and dark hole, clueless how it all happened so fast. Will he have any friends and prayer left to help him overcome the guilt and remorse of his ways, or will time run out before he can truly discover: The Healing of Love and Laughter.

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My Review:

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be so surprised at the end!

I really tried to like Isaac. He was really such a funny guy! He cracked jokes that will have you rollin'! He wanted his dream of being a star comedian to come true so bad that he lost sight of what was going on around him. His first priority was himself. I found Isaac to be a very selfish person after the story got going. Remember, at first I really liked him. His problem is though that he had a one track mind---being a comedian no matter what the price. He wasn't thinking of what his girlfriend needed or his girls. He was determined he was gonna make it big. He said:

"Comedy has to be the way, he affirmed. It has to be what God intended for us to have a better life! "p. 29

His girlfriend Janna is in very bad health. She said it's okay for him to go, so why not go right? She was so unselfish that she wanted him to pursue his dreams while she stayed home with their girls. Janna said:

"When the Lord works on anyone, it‘s never an overnight process," Janna explained. "Just because we want everything right here, right now, doesn‘t mean that‘s His plan. God‘s at work. I can feel it. You may not be able to see it from the outside lookin‘ in, but from the inside lookin‘ out, it‘s there. So I‘m not stressin‘ whether Isaac is changin‘. I‘m not stressin‘ the hospital tomorrow. I‘m just keepin‘ my life and faith in God‘s hands.".........."I just have to believe. Everything works in God‘s favor if we just believe." p.64

This book was fast paced and I read it in one day. I really got immersed in the story. I didn't always like what was happening or how it ended, but I was just determined that Isaac was going to realize what he was doing and God would make it all right. When he started into drugs, it was hard to like what he was doing to himself and his family. I was trying to be optimistic like Janna. I was so glad that finally Isaac brought God into his life and when he realized that God doesn’t take things from us or do bad things to us. We do that to ourselves. When the pastor in the church was saying the message and Isaac went up to him, that was when I got chills. I know that addiction can really mess up a family. The addict doesn't realize the harm it can cause themselves and others until sometimes it's just too late.

Well done Rickey Teems II! You made me laugh with your wonderful sense of humor that I love! You made me mad when you went from what I had hoped to what is more realistic. You made me get teary eyed when you showed what can happen when you only think about what you want vs. thinking about what your family needs. It really did make me really stop and think about prayer. I believe in the power of prayer. I know my prayers will be answered, but only if I am willing to make some changes too. You can't keep making bad choices and expect everything to just float happily along.

My Rating : 

5/5 - Highly Recommend!

The Healing of Love & Laughter
Author: Rickey Teems II
Publisher: NoGuile Books (November 11, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983222622
ISBN-13: 978-0983222620
About Rickey Teems II
You can say whatever you want about religion, but know that this page is a testimony to God. I never had a desire to publish books; I never even imagined being an author! All that I have been blessed to accomplish can be directly linked to the unforgettable Easter Sunday in 2001. God was finally able to show me that I didn’t know a fraction of what I thought I did. Imagine that, it took letting go of who I thought I was to discover who I was meant to be.

I put my passion, intensity, and appreciation for life onto every page I write. One part emotions, one part spirituality, one part insight, sprinkled with a lot of action and drama has been the award-winning recipe for my fiction novels. Don’t get mad at me when you find yourself lost in a different world! Non-fiction books are a little more unique. I work diligently to create reader friendly material that will inspire and take lives to new levels based on what I have learned through God, education (Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy) and experience out in the world. I hope the value exceeds the cost.

It’s amazing to look at my past and see the man God created me to be. I am honored to say that I actively volunteer and work with adolescents and their parents in through programs such as the Sons of Abraham mentoring program and Families Learning to Interact Positively (FLIP) to help foster healthy and functional means of growth. As Director of Frontline, the men’s ministry at Resurrection Church LA, we diligently reach out to the community to help uplift and spread the word of God. In 2011, I will begin pursuing my doctorate in Psychology with the intention of conducting research and counseling to assist those seeking help with finding more productive ways of achieving success and happiness.

It seems like I will cross into the realm of conceit if I talk anymore about myself, so for any further inquires or curiosities, just shoot me an email. But I would like to say thank you to all the book clubs, literary factions, and avid readers who continue to show tons of love and support. You are sincerely appreciated for keeping the dream alive!

Be Encouraged. Be Blessed!

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