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Book Review - Bound By Lies by Allison "Essence M" Edwards - August 5, 2011


Title: Bound by Lies
Author: Allison "Essence M" Edwards
Publisher: Illuminnessence Publishing
Publish Date: February 2, 2011
Kindle Edition
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About the Book (from Amazon)
 The Sizzling Sequel to "Broken Promises Never Mend" continues with the journey of Love, Lies and Betrayal when one family is torn apart by a catalyst of events that will leave no one knowing who the other really is. Do we ever really know the one we love? Tamika and Quincy are thrown into the land of uncertainty when the past catches up to them and leaves them trying to figure out how to either cover it up or admit to secrets that just may tear them apart forever!!!

My Review
WOW!  Bound By Lies started out with a bang and ended the same way!   This is a continuation of the first book "Broken Promises Never Mend".   If you haven't read that book, you need to!!!

I was hooked from the very first page!  The event that took place right at the beginning changed Tamika's life forever.  I couldn't believe what she had to go through!  On top of that, she gets those mystery flowers.  All of the whispers on the phone,  lies, and secrets that Quincy is keeping from her still is enough to just drive her over the edge.   The sex scenes in this book are scorching hot!!   I didn't know what to expect when Tamika had rose pedals leading up to the person in her bed.  I sure didn't expect  what happened!     The way Quincy's friend Malik talked to Tamika after this incident made me wonder how he is going to be in the next book.  He acted totally different from the rest of the book.  I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!

I would highly recommend this book!  It was a page turner from beginning to end! Allison "Essence M" Edwards wrote an excellent story and did an amazing job in continuing from the first book.  It was perfectly written.  She held my interest and kept me wanting more at the end!   The very last word in this book made my JAW DROP!  I am waiting in anticipation for the next book!

Quote from the book:
"It's amazing how we can love someone for so long and still not know them."  (Kindle loc. 1536-37)

My Rating
5/5 Diamonds - Loved It and Highly Recommend!

About The Author
 Meet Allison Edwards aka “Essence M”. The beautiful brain behind Illuminnessence Publishing, founded in 2007 by this avid writer who began her love affair with words at a tender age.Allison’s passion for words began in early childhood, she had always been fond of reading about life, love, poetry and short stories. Throughout her teen & young adult years she decided to put pen to paper and indulge one of her fantasies, to become a writer.Allison went on to create an extensive catalog of unpublished works including poetry & short stories.

As she matured, she challenged herself to hone her craft, exploring various story lines and navigating into the tumultuous world of adult relationships. It is with that unwavering tenacity that we’ve arrived at this point.Skillful at networking and using every opportunity to inspire others and be inspired, Allison/Essence joined forces in 2008 with the elite group The Cartel Publications Street Team/Pep Squad. This group of individuals was spearheaded by Essence Bestselling Author of A Hustler's Son and CEO/Founder of The Cartel Publications, T. Styles. "Working with Ms. Styles has taught me how to manage time and how to work hard to attain success" she says. Its an attitude like that, that causes Allison/Essence to press forward regardless of the obstacles that present themselves. Allison’s first venture into self publication “Broken Promises Never Mend",  became available on Illuminnessence Publishing in early 2010. It was released as an amersion version with  a new cover became available on for Kindle, as of June 2010. The sizzling sequel “Bound By Lies” is available on Kindle & in paperback, as of February 2011Allison is currently focused on a collection of other works slated for release in 2011, under her imprint “Illuminnessence Publishing.”

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