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Book Review - Scarred for Life by Fredric A. Almond, Sr.

Paperback, 120 pages
Published February 17th 2009 by Tate Publishing
Source: Received from RWA Book Club for their Season's Readings.  They had a promotion where if you buy a book from their suggested list, they will send you a free book!
2nd Quarter Book Club Challenge Book 11 of 13

About the Book
With a will to live, he refused to die. He was stabbed thirty-nine times, and he forgave. The scars that were developed due to a burglary were meant to kill his very existence of living life. Unite with new author Fredric A. Almond in reading this inspirational book of overcoming the depth of trials by being physically and mentally challenged in fighting for hope and fulfillment for life. God is waiting on us to speak out in action in what our scars really are; scars are blessings in disguise that gives us the aspiration to live life. Through Gods workmanship in us, we have been Scarred for Life!


About the Author

I was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Los Angeles, California. I only lived in Dayton for the first five years of my life. My mother, older brother and I moved to Los Angeles, California. I spent my early years growing up in various apartments that were in tough neighborhoods of South Central. At a young age I had to learn how to survive the streets.  I remember the hard times we had to face. However, through all of the difficulties, the love expressed in action is what I remember the most that kept the family together.

When I was eleven, my mother was able to afford her first house. My brother had joined the US Army and was in boot camp. Things were looking up. A couple months passed and then my life was turned upside down. A burglar broke in our house, stabbed and killed my mother, and stabbed me approximately thirty-nine times leaving me for dead. Needless to say, I am still alive!

The older I got, I began to realize that my life was worth something. To be so close to death and not die was a miracle. I began to understand that God had a plan for my life. I understood that I had a reason to live and my mother's death was not going to end as a tragedy through my life but be a success story. 

The desire to inspire others about my testimony grew. In 2000, I received the burden to write a book to document my life as a motivation and strength to let others know that they too can overcome traumatic situations. As I began to write, it seemed as if it were something that had always been apart of my life. I wrote and wrote for days. The product seemed to be pretty good and nothing was going to stop me, so I thought. 

One day, I went back to the computer to start back writing and my computer froze. Immediately, I began to press buttons over and over again. I didn’t know what to do but look in shock at this computer do its own thing. And it happened, the blue screen came up, my computer crashed and I lost all the material of my first book.  I gave up for a while but the conviction to write a book remained. It took me a couple of years to start writing again. I would try to write here and there but it wasn't the same. But in 2007, the conviction came like never before to complete what I had started. So I wrote and wrote and wrote into completion. Praise God, my first book is now a reality! Moreover, the second book is on its way... 
I currently work within the community and local churches, encouraging young, middle aged and older people about not giving up hope and explaining to them that their scar is the reason why they are still alive; reminding them that they are alive to fulfill their God given purpose. I try to use my life to be an example of an over comer.
Some Accomplishments:Happily married and a proud Father
Associates Degree
Bachelors Degree
Various awards and declarations from the US Army
Ordained Elder
Coach Football & Special Olympics
Mentor teenagers at the detention center
Motivational / Inspirational Speaker

My Review
When you see that this book is a true story about Fredric A. Almond Sr. and read that he was stabbed 39 times you might think that this will be a book about what happened and how he tried to seek revenge.  This  is not the case AT ALL.

This book was short but very powerful.  Not only was Fredrick stabbed at the young age of 11, but his 33 year old mother was also stabbed 50 times and killed by a  burglar.  He was very lucky to have lived to tell this story.  I felt sorry for him when I read about how he looked at himself after being stabbed and felt ugly.  Yes, he was feeling bad about himself, but he moved on and got on with his life.

Fredric put his faith in God, and God healed him.  He really felt like giving up sometimes, but he knew God had a plan for him.  His work on the earth was not done.  He believes that everyone has a purpose on this earth, and God will not take you until you make the difference in the world that you were brought here to make.

I really enjoyed and recommend this book!  It was very inspirational.  Fredrick could have gone on about how hard his life is and been mad at the world for what happened to  him and his mom, but he decided to turn things around and be an inspiration to others.  Scarred for Life will be a book you won't soon forget.  There were times I felt like crying, but Fredric A. Almond, Sr. has a way of lifting you up and making you feel like you can overcome anything.

My Rating

5/5 Diamonds - Very Moving!  Highly Recommend!

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