Monday, May 2, 2011

I Have Been Promoted From Blogger to Staff Writer for Urban Image Magazine!

I have been blogging for Urban Image Magazine  since December of 2010.  My first "assignment" was to read Daddy Rich's book Mack's Revenge...All Hell Breaks Loose,  and interview him.  I loved his book and was excited to do my very first author interview!  Here is a link to my first post Review Of Mack's Revenge All Hell Breaks Loose By Daddy Rich.

Since that time, I have interviewed Frank C. Matthews (current March/April issue), Zane, and K'wan (their interviews will be in the May/June issue)!  I also put all of my blog posts from Black Diamond's Book Reviews on Urban Image Magazine.

Yesterday I was promoted to Staff Writer of Urban Image Magazine!  I am very excited to be working for Urban Image Magazine.  This is purely a voluntary position until the magazine can really get off the ground, but I enjoy it!

Before working for Urban Image Magazine, I had never interviewed an author or even written a story.  I do post reviews, etc. on my blog, but for Urban Image Magazine I have even been blogging about news stories!

Make sure you check out Urban Image Magazine and Mack's Revenge!