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Book Review - The Search for Me by T. Tamyra Eddy

Book Details
Title: The Search For Me
Author: T. Tamyra Eddy
Publisher:  Limitlessschy Books
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Genre:  Memoir
Source: Review e-book sent to me by author

About the Book:
The author speaks very candidly about her life growing up in a house with a father that was mentally ill, the sexual abuse she encountered and most importantly the forgiveness of her father. She has to come to the realization that hating him will never allow her to move forward in life nor will it allow her to have any other successful relationship. Transparency about very serious topics in Black America including but not limited to Molestation , Forgiveness, Mental Illness are all discussed in this first book in The Journey Series.

About the Author: 
(from her website: limitlessschy.com)

Tamyra is a single mother who possesses many gifts and talents. Writing has been a gift that she has nurtured and carried deep in her soul even as a child. She uses her writing to speak to the heart and soul of women about real issues. Those issues include but are not limited to molestation, divorce, church hurt, struggling with suicide, and single parenting. However while she discusses the real raw painful situations she speaks very blatantly about how she uses those painful instances as fuel. She looks to embrace everything that life brings knowing that GREAT things are in store. She hosts an annual day of beauty and host beauty classes for disadvantaged women. She uses her years behind a salon chair to pull women in and restore them. Her sights are now set on The New York Times Bestsellers List; she has her eyes set on Directing a Stage play based on The Journey Series. Not to mention her sights are also set on THE BIG SCREEN. She wants the struggles of being raised by a Bi-Polar father, to be put before the world so that with love we can handle those that are not like us.

The Search for Me ...EXCERPTS 

(from limitlessschy.com)

Through it all, I was a crazed Christian who still trusted enough to believe that God could do anything but fail. Now {if I was honest} I wasn’t so sure. I had been taught to believe in the Immaculate Conception of Jesus Christ which, if I am honest, seems farfetched, but is the basis of our entire religion. However, I was losing hope. I thought I had “Mustard seed” faith.  Now I wondered if half a mustard seed counted. God had always sustained, and maintained, but now it was just heavy; heavier than normal.
I wasn’t certain how my story would end. So much in my life had become a vapor. I felt like it could all end at anytime. Others would look at the life and opportunities afforded to my son as being blessed. Others saw vacations and trips and clothes, houses, and land. Yes, I was able to build a house from the ground up before I was thirty, even after the tragedy of my divorce. But, at this moment, none of the trips or nice clothes or the home mattered.
Oh, how I wished the Coach I carried on my arm could run and tell the Dooney in my closet to tap on Louis Vuitton’s shoulder and ask for some of my money back. I just needed this Huritornaunami to END (hurricane+ tornado+ Tsunami). And just as if an alarm had gone off, Dorian, my son, peaked his head through my door and said, “Mama, I’m hungry.” In the middle of my shower, my son said he was hungry. In the midst of my pain, my son said he was hungry. He called me mommy and said he was hungry. I wasn’t allowed to finish my cry because duty called. An “Okay, baby” was all I could get out of my mouth

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My Review:

This is the memoir of T. Tamyra Eddy.  She was sexually molested by her father and cousin at a very young age.  She ends up finding out that her father is bi-polar.

We start off with Tamyra in the shower. She is trying to wash away her worries.  She is so depressed and  has so much on her mind. She is questioning God.  She doesn't know why her life has been so hard.  First the sexual abuse by her father and cousin, and then several men come and go out of her life and then come back again.   She hates her job.  She is afraid that she is going to end up like her father. She is lucky enough though to have a son, but he gives her some trouble too.  At one point she is so worried because she doesn't have enough money for gas.  She dug through some of her purses and found $6.00 in change.

Memoirs are so personal and touching.  I found The Search for Me to be a very entertaining yet emotional book to read.  I really felt like I was in the mind of Tamyra and could feel what she was feeling.  The story flowed well and I got a look into her life.  There were some grammatical errors such as missing commas and spelling errors, which caused me to have to back up a little bit and read some things again.  Since this is the first book, I am sure these kinks will get ironed out in the next ones.  Overall though, I would recommend this book!

My Rating:
4/4 diamonds - Great Book!

Visit the author's website:  http://www.limitlessschy.com/

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.

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