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Book Review - Mama's Lies - Daddy's Pain by Brian W. Smith

Mama's Lies-Daddy's Pain by Brian W. Smith

Book Details:

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher:   Hollygrove Publishing (January 1, 2007) 
ISBN:  0977793915 (ISBN13: 9780977793914)
Source: Purchased this signed copy
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About The Book:
Jamal Simms is the loving father of Jada Simms. He struggles to raise Jada with her mother (Tracy) whom he can't seem to get along with. Shortly before Jada's 18th birthday, a DNA test reveals that Jamal isn't Jada's biological father. Feelings are hurt, lies are told, loyalties are tested, and lives are forever changed.

My Review:

Brian W. Smith begins this book with a chapter called: The Characters.  I loved that I got to find out who the characters are and how they relate to each other before diving right into the story and trying to figure everything out.

Even though he talks about tough issues, Brian never fails to bring humor into his stories.  You can see that in the following quotes:  

Lead us not into temptation, but forgive us our trespassers as we forgive those who mess over us and be trippin'.  Lord I don't care what you do to me just please don't let this girl be pregnant.  In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit...Lord pleeeeease don't let this girl be pregnant.  p27
"why you wanna join the Marines?  Who you think you are - Rambo?  They gonna call your black ass RAMBRO!" p 41
Okay, so Tracy was pregnant, and Jamal was the father--so he was told.  He wasn't sure, but he didn't question anything.  He treated Jada like his flesh and blood.  He paid child support to Tracy so that Jada could have what she needed.  What a surprise when he found out her teeth weren't being taken care of and she had to have all kinds of dental work done.  Tracy just seemed to keep wanting more money all the time, but where was it going?

This kind of goes off the subject, but the story takes place in New Orleans.  On page 89 Jamal and his mom were eating breakfast at a New Orleans bistro.  Jamal states how he hates beignets because of the powdered sugar--he gets more of it on his face than in his mouth. I had to look these up and see what they look like.  Here they are (and I see why he would avoid these like the plague!) (I changed my Facebook profile picture to this picture just to see if anyone wonders why!):

(photo from

Anyway, Jamal questioned his friendship with Greg.  Greg just wanted to be with all these women and not take care of his own child.    Jamal was trying to be the best father he could and just didn't feel right having a friend like this.

If you want to read an excellent book with real life issues and characters, I highly recommend this book!  Watch out for Tracy though!  I did not like her at all.  She turned things around to make it look like Jamal is the bad guy.  He was such a good father to Jada.  The nerve of her to say that Jamal dropped the bomb and really hurt Jada...are you kidding me?  

Wow, and I can't even believe who the father was.  It was totally unexpected--and the letter and the event that happened at the end--well actually both of them--I really almost cried. I had tears in my eyes.  Just thinking that this book was based on real events is even more heartbreaking.

Brian W. Smith never fails to deliver an awesome book with issues and characters that are real.  This was a book that made me laugh, made me mad (at Tracy! Ugh!), and brought tears to my eyes.  I highly recommend this book! 

My rating
5/5 diamonds
Highly Recommend!

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  1. I did an review for Mr. Brian on the novel Deadbeat and i definite enjoyed that book.
    This one sound like another sidne says ' best seller'. i will have to place it on my 'go to the head of the book list'. happy reading.