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Book Review - Growing Pains by Dwayne S. Joseph

About the Book:

Brian Moore is a straight-A student struggling to escape the lure of the streets in Brooklyn, NY. With no father at home and a mother who works two jobs in order to keep a roof over his head and food on the table, Brian is left alone to navigate his way toward manhood. With the help of his two lifelong friends, one thing is certain; trouble is the only thing he's going to find.

Jawan White is Brian's teacher, and he knows that Brian has the potential to graduate high school and leave the streets far behind him. But will Jawan's constant lecturing push Brian further out into the streets, or will they help reel him in? And what's going to happen when Jawan falls in head over heels in love with Brian's mother? Will Brian continue to respect the only man in his life who cares for his well-being, or will he go along with his best friend's plan to make some fast money?

Growing Pains is a coming of age street novel, filled with romance, suspense, and drama

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My First Reaction When I Finished:
Wow!  What a page turner!  I was so surprised at all of the action at the end! 

My Review:

Brian was really a smart kid, but he hung with the wrong crowd.  They are out to do things to make money, and Brian is really having a bad feeling about what they are planning to do.  It really goes against who he is, but then his girlfriend Carla tells him something unexpected.  Suddenly, he just doesn't know which way to go with it.  Even though he knows what they are doing is wrong and will really hurt someone he has known a long time, the money is just looking so good.  Does he do what is right, or does money rule his decision?

Jawan was such a dedicated teacher and he really wanted to help Brian out.  He reminded him of his nephew that he lost.   He really wants to make a difference in kids lives, and Brian just really seems like he could use his guidance since he does not have any kind of male role model.

Brian's mother tries to do everything she can to bring Brian up the right way, even if it means keeping her past relationship troubles to herself.  She also works as hard as she can to support them, but she has a secret of her own.

I've read most of Dwayne Joseph's books, and each one keeps getting better!  I see more growth in his writing every time a new book comes out!  His novels are becoming less about relationship drama and more about real life issues that really hit home for some people.     This book was a very quick read for me and kept me turning the pages faster as I got closer to the end.  I was very impressed with this book!

Favorite Quotes From The Book:
Jawan had always seen something different in Brian's eyes.  A seriousness and maturity level that many of the other kids didn't seem to possess.  In a lot of ways, Brian reminded Jawan of the nephew he'd lost.  Without being too overbearing, he'd made it his personal mission to guide, or at least try to guide, Brian.

Jawan walked away, and as he did, he couldn't help but smile.  There was definitely a very strong and very mutual attraction going on. 

"You act like I am desperate."
"Not desperate, girl.  You're just in need of some tune-ups.  Why do you think I look so good?  Because I hit the gym every damn day?  Hell to the no! I look this good because I get my oil and battery checked every couple of days, that's why."

Do I recommend?
Yes, go out and buy this one!
My rating:

5/5 diamonds

Highly Recommend Purchasing This Book!

 Book Details:
Title: Growing Pains
Author: Dwayne S. Joseph
Publisher:   Urban Books
Pages: Paperback; 228 pages
Source: Purchased

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