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Book Review - Lipstick Hustla by Allison Hobbs

About The Book:

From the bestselling author of Double Dippin’ and Big Juicy Lips — a feisty, self-starter takes her business to the top and fights for her man.

Blindsided by lust, Misty lost her business, her money, and all her possessions — and her man, Brick. More determined than ever to get her money right, she starts from scratch. Using the services of one reliable employee, she slowly rebuilds her escort service. Cash is starting to trickle in, but it’s not coming fast enough for Misty.

With a new crew working around the clock, Misty reclaims top diva status. Her world should be complete, but something is missing... she’s lonely for the love and undivided attention of Brick. She foolishly took him for granted, allowing him to slip from her grasp and into the clutches of another woman — her mother.

As far as Misty’s concerned, all is fair in love and war. There’s no limit to how far she will go to take back the man who’s rightfully hers

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My First Reaction When I Finished:
I never imagined it would end how it did.  What an awesome book!

My Review:
I bought this book not realizing that I should have read DOUBLE DIPPIN' and BIG JUICY LIPS first. I didn't have any problem getting into this book though.  It was easy to just pick it up and get hooked!  I do plan on reading those other two books though to see how it all started!

Misty sure is something else.  She always gets what she wants and doesn't care what she has to do to get it.  She doesn't even realize how crazy she really is.  She really gets her business going and will do anything to make more cash. She will use any man she can find for her "escort service" and will use him in any manner that she says. Brick sure had a tough decision to make at the end!

I loved this book and it kept me hooked and not wanting to stop reading until the end!  I am a huge fan of Allison Hobbs and plan on reading every book that she has written eventually!  If you have not read a book by Allison Hobbs, you are really missing out!  It's not all about the sex either.  Yeah, there is a lot of sex in this book that is like, WHOA!, let me read that part again, but it has a great story to go along with it.

Quote From The Book:
"I want to sample the goods anyway." she said in a matter-of fact tone.
"Sample the goods?"  He stared at Misty like he didn't understand.
"Do you think I would send you out to one of my loyal customers without knowing how you holding?  Besides, you should feel honored that I'm going to let you smash."
"I am.  I'm more than honored.  I'm in shock that a hot-looking chick like you wants to go to bed with me."
"Don't get it twisted.  It's not that I want to.  It makes good business sense for me to find out your strengths and weaknesses in the sex department.  I need to find out how long you can last."

Do I recommend?
Yes, go out and buy this one!
My rating:

5/5 diamonds

Highly Recommend Purchasing This Book!

 Book Details:
Title: Lipstick Hustla
Author: Allison Hobbs
Publisher: Strebor Books
Pages: Paperback; 352 pages
Source: Purchased

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  1. You're having a great run on books lately and really enjoying them and that's fantastic! Not sure if this is one for me but I enjoyed reading your review!