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Book Review - Chedda Boyz by C.J. Hudson

A blood thirsty, money hungry street gang from Cleveland hell bent on lockin down the Marijuana trade. With the Chief of police in their hip pocket, they seem to be poised for a long run of dominance. 

Big Mo heads up the vicious crew and anyone in their way seems to disappear. It looks as if nothing can stop them, but looks can be deceiving. One by one, each member of the six man crew run into a life changing situation that not only threatens to rip the crew apart from the inside but put their lives on the line.
Murder, betrayal, lust, and revenge all comes to the forefront and culminates with a gut wrenching secret that might just do what no one else can, destroy the Chedda Boyz.

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Cover Inspection:
Looks like a gangsta book, but it looks like the woman in the picture takes a big role since she is in front and the men are hanging out in the back.

First Thoughts:
So Big Mo is the leader of the Chedda Boyz and they were selling weed and murdering people.    Mo has some kind of secret that he is keeping from his girl Stacy.  I want to read and see if I can find out what this big secret is.

My Review:
I've read a few street lit books so far, and wondered how this would be in comparison.  If you have ever read a street lit book, you know someone is going to be killed and there will be drugs and sex.  The killings in this book really surprised me.  The sex in this book -- it definitely gets the juices flowing.  There was one part though that kinda made me sick.  You will have to read it and just see what that's all about.

There were quite a few characters in this book and in the beginning it was a little confusing, but the author really did a good job of making the characters come to life for me, and I got to know the characters a lot better throughout the book. 
Overall this was a great read.  It was full of action, of course I mentioned the intense sex, and it had twists and turns everywhere.  I recommend this book and give it 4/5 diamonds and I will be buying the next book  Mo' Chedda because I want to see what happens next!  He definitely hooked me and kept me wanting more at the end!

Book Details:
Title:  Chedda Boyz
Author: C.J. Hudson
Publisher: Life Changing Books
Pages: Paperback; 256 pages
Source: Purchased

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  1. I've never heard of this genre before but it sounds different. What's the meaning behind the word Chedda???

  2. Chedda is like cheese, or money!

  3. Yeah, that one part made me sick too. But, overall I enjoyed the book.