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Book Review - Southern Comfort by Cynnamon Foster

Southern Comfort

Goodreads Description:
Desiree Compton is ready to end her sexual drought, and she finds the right candidate in sexy, Sam Comfort, the mysterious guy from the mailroom with the charming southern drawl. Sam seems to be just what she needs to distract herself from memory of her ex. She attracts his attention with a few candles, incense and a lot of help from her best friend Seria, who seems to have all the answers where men are concerned. Seria is a hot tamale who is sexually liberated and free and thinks she has men wrapped around her finger, until she finds herself entangled in a web of espionage, drama and sex that is too hot, even for her, and the keeper of a secret that might just devastate the fragile Desiree and ruin their friendship forever.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published November 8th 2010 by Stiletto Press Publishing LLC (first published November 3rd 2010)
ISBN0982890907 (ISBN13: 9780982890905)
Erotic Suspense

My thoughts:
Come on, after seeing this cover I knew I had to read this one.  Just looking at the woman on the front!  You know this book has to be erotic! 

Seria and her man James are in open relationship.  Although he is her number one man and she is his number one woman, they can still get it on the side.  She had someone unexpected show up at her house and had some drama.  After he left, she tried to call James, but she couldn't get ahold of him--even when she texted that it was an emergency.  This is when being in an open relationship got to her.  She knew he was off with another woman.  

It was all good though.  If he couldn't be around to comfort me, someone else would.  Or should I say something would.   One thing for sure, batteries always worked whenever a man wouldn't. (p.38)
Then there is Desiree.  She works with Seria in the data entry department.  She has been stressed out. Seria's massage man Precious can tell what she needs.  He told her she needs a man in her life.  She knows she needs a man, but who?   Maybe the hot mailroom clerk named Sam?   Sam would come into the office to deliver her mail every day, but she was afraid to make a move on him.  Seria knew that Sam was interested in Desiree but Desiree was just chicken.  Seria says:

Desiree thinks that I look exotic or some shit like that and that's why people are so attracted to me, but I kept telling her that every woman has something, they just have to figure out what that is and learn how to work it.  It's all about the attitude, more than anything, not the outside look.  What folks were attracted to is my attitude.  People like people who are sure of themselves. 

Underneath the makeup and clothes, I am just the same as anyone else.  I just know who to work with what I got.  I'm sure about myself.  I'm just as sure about how I like to be sexed and I ain't afraid to say it.  Desiree hasn't discovered her something yet, and heaven knows she covers up her attitude with butt-ugly clothes, so me and Precious have been pushing her to go for what she wants, to live her fantasy and discover herself.  (p.50)
Dez is my girl but she doesn't know that I need some dick on the regular, and in between, I need some silicone dick and strong batteries. (p.51)

Seria went to the Zone D'Erotique to find a new toy, but she got more than she expected there.  This is were things started heating up!

Be prepared when you read this book.  You might want to have some ice on hand because this book is HOT!  Are you in the mood for some steamy sex scenes, drama, and mystery?  If you are, then go and buy this book (there are some really sexy parts you just might want to re-read  :D).

5 out of 5 Diamonds
Go out and buy this book!

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