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Review of A Pointed Death by Kath Russell

Paperback, 352 pages
Published August 24th 2010 by CreateSpace
ISBN1450563090 (ISBN13: 9781450563093)

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I love a good mystery book and I was not disappointed at all with this one!  I was so lucky to have gotten the chance to review this book through the Pump Up Your Book Tour!

Nola Billingsley  takes her dog out for a walk and finds a dead body.  It happens to be her former employee.  Her dog Skootch was the one who sniffed and found the body.  He pointed at the park bench where it was.  That was the first time he ever pointed at anything besides the refrigerator.  The former employee's name was Roger.  We find out in this book that he was stealing from the company.  But the big question is who killed Roger and why?

I loved Skootch.  He is a dog with so much personality.  It was so cute how Nola would go out to eat and bring back a doggie bag for Skootch.  He always expected it too!

Roger was involved with more than one company.  A part of the book I thought was so funny was when Nola found herbs addressed to Roger from The Ancient Turtle Company.  The instructions on the herbs were to ingest them 3 hours before sex and they would improve your sex life.  Well, good ol' Skootch gets ahold of these herbs.

"What's the matter with you?"   I studied the panting pointer. Suddenly I realized, It must be the elixir causing this eruption of libido.  I grabbed Skootch's snout and turned his eyes up to me so that he could see my disgust.  Just when I thought I had his attention, his sex-crazed pupils snapped to the left, he jerked his head from my hands and took off.  (p.196)

Nola ends up trying to investigate the case herself.  She is a technology whiz and gets herself in some pretty sticky situations, but she is quite the investigator.  Of course there is a detective assigned to the case, Detective Harrison.   Nola and Detective Harrison fall for each other. Of course Nola lives with her mom Janie Belle, so it's a little tough taking a man home when you are living with your mother!

If you enjoy a good mystery, be sure to check out this book.  It had a great mix of mystery, romance, and humor.  My favorite character had to be Skootch.  How could you not love him?   I look forward to this series and hope we get to see Nola and Skootch again!

I gave this book 5 out of 5 diamonds
(which means you definitely need to go out and buy this book!)

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  1. This one sounds funny and I loved that the dog was a bit naughty!!