Saturday, June 5, 2010

Library Loot - June 5

I know I just did a library loot a few days ago, but I had some more books waiting for me from MELCAT and here they are:

In too Deep by Dwayne S. Joseph

From Goodreads:
Brothers Randy, Abe and Travis Lincoln's lives couldn't be any different.

Randy's got baby momma drama that's driving him nuts. Abe's having an affair with his boss, while his wife suffers with daily pain. Travis is struggling with his all-too-frequent trips to the hospital due to his boyfriend's violent outbursts.

Different lives. Different paths. How can brothers stick together when they hate and love each other all at the same time?

Never Say Never by Dwayne S. Joseph

From Goodreads:
With her high-powered career in order, Reesa's ready to settle down and have a baby before her thirty-fifth birthday-but her current man is definitely not up to the job. With time running out, should she try to train him for the starring role, or go in search of a new Mr. Right?

Carmen has always catered to Anthony's needs-and put up with plenty of grief from his irritating mother. But when a smooth, fine older man comes along and offers to give Carmen everything she desires, she's finally ready to give in to temptation. Will an unexpected pregnancy ruin everything?

Erica is so fed up with shallow brothers that she's stopped looking for love. Just when she's found her groove, settling for occasional dates and one-night stands, her ex comes back into her life in a major way. Will he put her through the emotional wringer all over again?

These three women know that life and love aren't easy, but they never expected drama like this.

If Your Girl Only Knew by Dwayne S. Joseph

From Goodreads:
It's been six years since David Cray and Jocelyn Alvarez laid eyes on each other. Their bitter breakup, caused by David's infidelity, left Jocelyn angry and David filled with regrets. But a chance meeting in Philadelphia spurs them to get back together, and it's soon obvious that the feelings they thought were dead and buried are as strong as ever. But there's a problem with this romantic reunion - two problems in fact. David is engaged to Janelle, and Jocelyn is married to Eric. And now, two people desperate to keep the love they've rediscovered will have to decide how much they're willing to give up to be together.

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