Friday, April 2, 2010

Review - Bad Apple by Laura Ruby

I definately liked this book, I mean look--I got it read in a day. The last book took me over a week.

High School junior Tola has green hair and loves fairy tales. Everyone seems to think she is crazy. The only person she seems to connect with is her art teacher Mr. Mymer. She hangs out in the art room a lot.Rumors start and everyone thinks that she and Mr. Mymer had an affair.

Tola is a very lonely person, and I feel sorry for her. Her dad is remarried to a lady to seems like a real bitch, and her dad doesn't seem to have time for her anymore. Her grandpa is in the hospital and as a result, her mom is having emotional issues too. On top of all that, the only person that she spent time with, has been suspended from teaching for an "alleged affair".
In the end, everyone finds out the truth.

I liked how the book would have a chapter of the story, then the next few pages would be comments from people that were interviewed about the events that happened.

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  1. Loved the sound of this one!!! Did you check it out from the library?