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Book Review & Giveaway - Remember Me by Cheryl Robinson (TLC Book Tour) - August 16, 2011

Book Summary:

What happens when the loyalty that defines the friendship of two women is tested? For Mia and Danielle, finding the answer takes a lifetime…

Mia Marks is a black girl from inner-city Detroit with an eye for the hottest fashions and a penchant for the good life. Danielle King is a suburban white girl with artistic ambitions. When a series of circumstances thrust Danielle and Mia together their freshman year at an all-girls Catholic high school, neither expects to form a deep bond that transcends race and background, and lasts for years. And neither could have anticipated the one indiscretion that destroyed it forever.

Twenty years later, Danielle is a successful novelist living in Miami. Mia is a school teacher in Detroit. But they’re still on common ground–both unhappily married and raising teenage daughters, and both far too proud to make the first move and reconnect. Until tragedy brings them back together in the most unexpected way. Now they must confront the past, discover its untold truths, and learn to survive the increasing complexities of their lives, and a friendship destined to endure.

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My Review:

I was very excited to read this, as the story takes place in Michigan and Cheryl Robinson is originally from Detroit, Michigan!  I didn't even pay attention to the number of pages when I signed up to read this book.  This ARC copy is actually 508 pages!  I thought it would take quite a while to read!   I was surprised when I started reading it and it just flew by!  I've seen mixed reviews on this book, so I just wasn't sure how it would be.

The story starts off in the year 1976.  Danielle stands up for Mia at school.  Mia's teacher is prejudiced against her because she is black, and Danielle is going to vouch for her.  They became best friends.  From there, the story goes back and forth from their school/college years to present day.

Mia was used to getting what she wanted.  She got a big surprise when she went to Saks!    And that old cheap cell phone for business that her husband had.  Come on--he is really stupid if he thinks she is dumb enough to believe that one.   Her husband Frank really has the nerve to tell their daughter Alexa that she could have a boy stay at their house just because he was a star player for U of  M.  At least Mia stood up for what she thinks is right and made them stay in the guest bedroom.  Yes, she is away at college and can do whatever she wants there, but she is staying at her parent's house.    I know some people don't like Mia, but at least she went out and is trying to make  a life for herself again.  As for Frank and his drinking, that is a tough situation to handle.    Living with someone who is a drunk is not easy.  You don't really know until you are in that situation.

Cheryl Robinson made this story really relevant.  There are mentions of Facebook.  She also deals with important issues like texting while driving, cancer, friendship, and forgiveness.

I loved this quote from Mia:

"She snatched the door back open and shouted, "And if you didn't have money, none of these women would want you, with your old Humpty Dumpty looking ass."  She slammed the door again, and this time she felt much better. (p.113)

All I thought when I read this was --yes --- you go Mia.

There were a few confusing things to me.  The fact that there was a Chris in the past and one in the future that was the boyfriend of Mia's daughter was confusing.   It all made sense in the end though.  It was kind of hard switching back and forth from past to present and keeping track of what was what.

I do quite a few author interviews.  I found a great new interview question out of this book from page 397.  "Tell me what your book is about in one sentence."

I would recommend this book for sure.   Cheryl Robinson really moved me with this book.  I was literally brought almost to tears towards the end.  It's a wonderful book about friendship, separation, and just learning through life how to forgive.

My Rating (out of 5):
Remember Me
Author:  Cheryl Robinson
ISNB: 9780451233387  
 * Uncorrected Advance Copy
Published by: NAL Trade (August 2, 2011)
Format(s): Paperback & eBook
Number of pages: 400
Read for:  TLC Book Tour and 2K11 Reading Challenge (book 7 of 13)
Source: TLC/NAL

About Cheryl Robinson:

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Cheryl Robinson has a Bachelor’s of Science from Wayne State University. Her love of writing was sparked while taking a fiction writing course as a college elective.  She began her literary career by self-publishing two novels before acquiring a literary agent and then a publishing deal.  Remember Me is her sixth novel with New American Library, an imprint of the Penguin Group.

Cheryl lives in Ocala, Florida.

Connect with Cheryl on Facebook, or visit her website at cherylrobinson.com

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