Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Male Engagement Award - VOTE FOR SHAKA! - August 17, 2011

Give Back Forward

  • You work hard (Shaka is working hard!). 
  • You aspire to greatness (Shaka is doing everything he can to be the best person he can). 
  • You're the kind of guy others look up to (Shaka is a youth mentor and author).
  • Join us by sharing your story about how you're leading, serving or engaging others. Or recognize your uncle, brother, coach, or any black male in Detroit or Philly who inspires you (watch Shaka's video and see why he should have your vote for the Black Male Engagement Award!)

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen my book review of Crack by Shaka as well as his interview.  It was an awesome book and interview.

He is up for the Black Male Engagement Award.  Here is the link  Watch Shaka's video and see why you should put your vote in for him.

Come and see what Shaka has done to help his community!

On August 27th he is having the grand opening at FAME SHOP-Drop A Gem Book Boutique.   They will give away free food to over 200 families, feed the children mentally, emotionally and spiritually and they need your help. For volunteer information please inbox Shaka Senghor or call him @ 313-720-5546. The time for healing our community is now and it starts with us!!! You coming out to join us?

I will be there to help and support Shaka.  I also can't wait to get my signed copy of Crack Volume 2 by Shaka!  He is really a man that is making a difference in the City of Detroit.  Show how much you support what he is doing, and VOTE SHAKA!


  1. yes, the book really caught my eye and i enjoyed the interview. I am going to purchase his book. hey, be sure to take pics of the event. it would be nice to highlight a book event from a book blogger/reviewer. now, off to vote.

  2. Thanks, I need something new to read and will look into this.

  3. Yes, I plan on taking lots of pics Sidne! Good, go vote!

    Thanks Elliot!