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Book Review - The Pearl by John Steinbeck - August 22, 2011

Paperback:  118 pages
Published:  January 1st 1963 by Bantam/Pathfiinder(first published 1948)
ISBN  0553065459 (ISBN13: 9780553065459)
characters: Kino, Juana, Coyotito, Juan, Apolonia
setting:  Mexico

THE PEARL is an eduring and classic fable, sensitively told, in simple and beautiful language. It is the story of a fisherman who found a pearl beyond price, the Pearl of the World. With the pearl, he hoped to buy peace and happiness for himself, his wife and their little son. Instead he found that peace and happiness are not to be purchased. They are, themselves, pearls beyond price. THE PEARL is a book to be read many times and cherished forever.

My Review:

Kino and his wife Juana lived in a house made of brush.  They had a little baby named Coyotito.  Kino thought his wife was so fragile and kind, but she was a tough cookie.  When Coyotito got bit by a spider, she sucked the wound and took care of him.  He still needed a doctor though.   Kino goes out to find a big pearl so they will have enough money to take Coyotito to the doctor.  He ties a rock to himself and gets lowered into the sea.  He then looks for the pearls.   He ends up finding a huge pearl and thinks it is the answer to all his prayers.

On thing I wanted to point out in this book is that Kino and his wife didn't feel the need to speak if it was just out of habit.   If he just sighed--that was said to be their conversation.  They were just fine with that.  I bring this up because it reminded me of Tuesday's night's bible study.  We were talking about how women like to talk and men like silence.   We always think that we have to talk on long trips and things, but I it seems that men are just as happy as can be if you just be quiet.

This is not the normal kind of book that I would pick out to read.  I am a middle school secretary, and the Principal asked if I would read this book since one of the classes will be reading it and because he knows that I love reading.   I can see why they are reading this book, and I would recommend it to others for sure.    It has an awesome message.   When he got the pearl it reminded me of someone winning the lottery.  Everybody finds out that he has this huge pearl and they are nice to him all of a sudden, even the doctor who wouldn't treat his son because they had no money all of a sudden claims that he is his patient.  I didn't expect the ending to turn out the way it did either.

Here is a great quote from the book:

It is not good to want a thing too much.  It sometimes drives the luck away.  You must want it just enough, and you must be very tactful with God or the gods. - p24

My rating:

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist.They are my personal reflections based solely on MYexperience while reading this novel.

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