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Mailbox Monday and It's Monday, What Are You Reading

~Mailbox Monday~
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We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week.

Here is what I got

Paperback, 300 pages
Published May 1st 2010 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
Source:  Won this autographed copy from:

Sidne at 
Reading Rendezvous Reviewz
Thank you Sidne!!!!

Monet and Marcus Caldwell are living their version of the American Dream. Both are gainfully employed, Marcus as a detective for Chicago's Finest, and Monet as a nurse in the neonatal unit of an inner city hospital. They are faithful members of Reverend Ruth Wilcox's church, The Temple. The only thing missing from their life is a child. Doctors have been unable to explain the reason for Monet's inability to conceive, which she calls the Sarah Syndrome.

Then the unthinkable occurs. Monet is brutally assaulted. Months later, she learns the news she has been longing to hear her entire married life: she's having a baby. Monet is thrilled, but Marcus is appalled by the news, and orders his wife to terminate the pregnancy. Monet refuses, and a cold war of monumental proportions breaks out in the Caldwell household.

Monet's faith perseveres in the face of great adversity as she holds on to God's unchanging hand.


Paperback, 260 pages
Expected publication: August 26th 2011 by MavLit Publishing (first published May 1st 2011)
Source:   MavLit Publishing

Nearly a decade ago, Ja'Quan Jones left attending Morehouse College in Atlanta to pursue a modeling career. The path to fulfilling his dream encountered a detour no sooner than he stepped off the plan in Los Angeles. He spent the next two years helping Rhadric Williams build Scarred Entertainment into a media empire. Life was grand and glamorous, but somewhere along the way Ja'Quan had a change of heart and he returned in stealth back to Atlanta, embarking on a new life. He vowed never to return to Scarred Entertainment. Will his past catch up with him? Ja'Quan finds work at Kore-Tech, a prominent manufacturer in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. An unusual chain of events takes him on a fast track for advancement. He is loved by a few colleagues but scorned by many. Can he withstand the corporate daggers being aimed at his back? Few people have access into Ja'Quan's personal world especially since the death of his closest friend, Deandre "Dre" Farrington, who was shot and killed outside one of his businesses. It has taken Ja'Quan several years to get over it and bring down the barriers that guard his heart. Who will now bring sanity or insanity to it? Only Ja'Quan knows and he's inviting you into it . . .

Private Sessions by Nigel Barto

Paperback, 200 pages
Published October 11th 2010 by iUniverse
Source:  Provided to me by the author for review

Jordy Blackwell is an educated guy from Ashton, Maryland who understands loss. As a young child, he loses his grandmother. A case that goes unsolved. He inherits most of her money with the condition that he attends college and law school. His grandmother wanted him to be a suit-wearing man, a lawyer, a somebody.

By the time he gets to college, he is alone in the world. He loses his mother and home during a domestic dispute the year he begins school. He continues on the road to living up to his grandmother's wishes and graduates from law school. But his life takes a destructive turn. He loses his girlfriend, his stamina for wanting to be a lawyer, and his self-identity. He dances with sex and drugs, and attempts to lose his life.

He finds himself in a hospital in the care of Dr. Davis. She forces him to examine his life, and to determine what he wants from it. As his life story unfolds, Jordy makes interesting discoveries.

Paperback, 120 pages
Published March 18th 2011 by CreateSpace
Source:  Sent to me by the author for review

FEED ME is a collection of short stories that rouses your heart, wakes your adoring mind, and ignites passion. These stories were inspired by the author’s journey. Paris, love, and taking chances. Everything has its reason.

Warped Intentions by S. B. Redd
Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: September 23rd 2011 by MavLit Publishing (first published April 27th 2011)
Source:  Publisher

Television reporter Garner Davis of WCAE, a network affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina, is a survivor. He is passionate and skillful. He impresses his viewers with his tough questions and breaking news. Somehow, he doesn't ask the same questions when it comes to his choice of friends, acquaintances, and women . . .Vernise Aikens, a federal law enforcement officer, is a fan of Garner's and she lets him know about it. Intrigued, Garner meets her on a lunch date and she wows him with her wit, beauty, and sensuality . . . There is an inner voice that speaks to us if someone we meet has good intentions, let alone our best interests at heart. The question is whether we will listen and, if not, what are the consequences? Warped Intentions is national selling author S.B. Redd's latest thought provoking and scintillating novel, and first with MavLit Publishing.


Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: June 27th 2011 by Grand Central Publishing
Source: TLC Book Tours (review to post Aug. 1)

Lena needs something exciting in her life. Her job is draining her, she and her best friend can't seem to get invitations to an exclusive women's social group, and her boyfriend of three years, won't marry her. When Lena thinks things can't get worse, she wins several million dollars in the Maryland lottery.

After overcoming the shock of her win, things finally begin to turn around for Lena. She's able to quit her job, buy all the things that couldn't get for herself and her daughter, not to mention, Gerald has proposed and the women's group won't leave her alone. As her life begins to come together, Lena notices that the things she held dear are beginning to fall apart and she wonders if her life really changed for the better, or if things are actually worse than they were before.


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  1. Looks like your mailbox was good to you!! Enjoy!

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  4. Wow, you got lots of goodies last week! I hope you enjoy them all.

  5. Wow, nice mailbox - hope they're good reads.

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