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Mailbox Monday and It's Monday, What Are You Reading

~Mailbox Monday~
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We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week.

Here is what I got

Paperback264 pages
Published May 27th 2011 by Life Changing Books (first published May 2011)
Won from the author!

Soul, satisfying sex is usually the ultimate weapon. For Diamond Robinson, it may turn out to be a serious problem. On the surface, she appears to be your average beauty, living next door. But Diamond is full of deceit, mischief, and seduction. She loves good loving so much that she's willing to do anything, including sleep with someone who you'd least expect. When her sexcapades spiral out of control, one thing leads to another, and her lover ends up dead; leaving everyone she's ever loved, against her. Unknowingly, both she and her nymphonic road dogs gets themselves mixed up with secrets and lies that lead to unstoppable turmoil.(

Paperback304 pages
Published April 25th 2011 by Balboa Press
Received from the Author for Review


A YOUNG COUPLE. A NEW BABY. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. As a wife, new mom and successful career woman, Kristen Brown thinks her life is set. Until one morning, her husband doesn't wake up.

In this bittersweet memoir, we experience Brown's new life as a young widow mom grappling with the shock, pain and regret following her husband's unexpected death while managing a stressful work situation amidst the downfall of the economy. But not wanting to be a "sad mom," she instead harnesses her emotions into a positive force in her life. Through a process of life-changing experiences like surfing, getting "inked" and starting her own company that takes her to Hollywood, she discovers her life's purpose to be the role model for her daughter she longs to be-and becomes a role model for others in the process.

Kristen Brown captivates us with her story of transformation that is filled with the universal elements of loss, love, hope, humor and our ongoing search for answers that changes our perspective on the meaning of life and how we should live it. Kristen Brown bares her soul and shows us that loss can color our experiences and empower us to do more, be more and hope for more than we ever thought possible.


Hardcover336 pages
Expected publication: August 23rd 2011 by Ballantine Books (first published 2011)
Received from the Publisher for Review

The Victorian language of flowers was used to express emotions: honeysuckle for devotion, azaleas for passion, and red roses for love. But for Victoria Jones, it has been more useful in communicating feelings like grief, mistrust and solitude. After a childhood spent in the foster care system, she is unable to get close to anybody, and her only connection to the world is through flowers and their meanings. Now eighteen, Victoria has nowhere to go, and sleeps in a public park, where she plants a small garden of her own. When her talent is discovered by a local florist, she discovers her gift for helping others through the flowers she chooses for them. But it takes meeting a mysterious vendor at the flower market for her to realise what's been missing in her own life, and as she starts to fall for him, she's forced to confront a painful secret from her past, and decide whether it's worth risking everything for a second chance at happiness. "The Language of Flowers" is a heartbreaking and redemptive novel about the meaning of flowers, the meaning of family, and the meaning of love.


We discuss the books that we've read and what we're planning to read for the week.

This Week:

Mon., 27        Differences by Brian W. Smith 
Mon., 27        Pussy Whispers by Dean Anthony Jean-Pierre
Tues., 28       Wikked by L.M. Blakely 
                    (challenge book 9 of 13)
Tues., 28       Scarred for Life by Fredric A. Almond 
                    (challenge book 10 of 13)
Wed., 29       Sensuous Dragon by Deep Rivers 
                    (challenge book 11 of 13)
Wed., 29       Shawna Hill Book Tour - Guest Post and Giveaway!
Thurs., 30      Homefires by Emily Sue Harvey Pump Up Your Book Tour
Fri., 1            The Frog Pond by Otis Randolf (Tentative-) 
                     (challenge book 12 of 13)
Fri., 1            Nan: The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones by Moses Miller 
                     (challenge book 13 of 13) -last day for challenge

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  1. Until Sunday I had only finished four books, a fifth of what I was reading during spring semester. Then two things conspired to make me read more. Come see what happened.

  2. Nice mix of books. Enjoy them all.

  3. The Best Worst Thing sounds like a wonderful read.

  4. Next Door Nympho sounds like a great read!

    Here's my reading selections for this week.

  5. The Lanuage of Flowers sounds like a good read. I will be watching for your review.

  6. The Language of Flowers sounds reallygood. I will be watching for a review.

    Of I love the Mercy Thompson series. I hope you enjoy as well!

    My Book Week

  7. You've got a little bit of everything in there!!

  8. I hope you enjoy your mailbox books!