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Book Review - Wikked by L.M. Blakely

Wikked by L.M. Blakely
Paperback2nd Edition 360 pages
Published November 30th 2010 by PHE Ink - Writing Solutions Firm (first published March 26th 2008)
Source: Purchased from PHE Ink.

2K11 Reading/Reviewing Challenge - 2nd Quarter - My Challenge book 9 of 13

About the Author:
LMBlakely is a native of Albany, Georgia – a “military brat” who has traveled and resided in the Philippines, Okinawa, Japan, New Mexico and Florida. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA and is studying for her Bachelors in Network Management.

She found inspiration in writing by journaling and playing different instruments, composite ballads and had aspirations of being a songwriter blossomed until her passion changed which resulted in her earning the title of “Author.”

Ms. Blakely is a thirty-something writer, on a writing marathon.
About the Book:
Niqi Brown seems to have it all - she's the Executive Director at a lucrative manufacturing firm and engaged to one of the wealthiest and most handsome brothas around, Chancelor Barnes IV. Truth be told, even paradise has its trouble spots. 

As it turns out, Niqi and Chance's relationship has been steadily eroding over the years, devolving to the point where they can barely see eye-to-eye on any issue. They spend less time together, they argue more frequently, and, quite frankly, they make each other miserable. So, it comes as no surprise that Niqi's suspicions are confirmed when she confronts Chance about his secret dealings with none other than Tiffany Jones, a bitter rival from her past who has re-emerged on the scene with Niqi square in her sights.  Amid the drama and chaos that ensue, Niqi eventually finds comfort in the arms of the smooth and sexy Denim Alexander, who just so happens to be the best lover she's ever had. 

However, all that glitters is not gold, and Niqi soon finds herself caught up in the middle of a sinister plot involving various levels of treachery, deceit, and backstabbing, thrusting her into survival mode with none other than her very own life at stake.

My Review:
Niqi wants to be able to talk to her fiancee Chance, but he never seems to want to talk to her unless he starts the conversation.  Their life in the bedroom is stale and he always seems to be working or on business trips.  She sees this guy named Denim who is so HOT, but she is engaged and doesn't want to complicate her life.

Then Tiffany comes along.  She seems to be trying to meddle in their lives.  Whenever she brings Tiffany's name up in coversation with Chance, he doesn't want to talk about it.  She just thinks something is fishy about it.

This would have almost been a perfect book if it weren't for a few things.  First of all, the book is written in first person with Niqi telling the story.  Sometimes though it switches to third person even in the same sentence.  I've never written a book, so I know it has to be hard to keep everything straight sometimes.  Also, when characters are talking, it was hard sometimes to differentiate who was talking when there were two quotes within a sentence.  Other than that, it was perfect! 

I loved this book, and L.M. Blakely did an awesome job with it.  The characters came to life for me.  I didn't have any trouble remembering who was who.  Sometimes authors can overload you and introduce so many people that you can't keep them straight, but that was not the case here at all!  There was always some kind of drama going on, and I never knew what to expect next!  I love a book like this that you can't predict what is going to happen or how it's going to end!  I highly recommend this one!

My Rating:
4/5 Diamonds - Loved It!

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