Friday, May 27, 2011


Week With An Author - Dell Banks
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Overview of The Week:

In case you missed anything this week, here is what happened:

Book Review - Shady by Dell Banks & Giveaway

Who Is Dell Banks? Giveaway of Shady
Winners of Shady for Monday and Tuesday

Excerpt of Shady by Dell Banks & Giveaway
Winner of Shady for Wednesday

Interview With Dell Banks and Giveaway
Winner of Shady for Thursday

Shady: A Novel

The only requirement for this is you need to connect in some way with Dell Banks.  
Here is where you can find him:

So either follow him on Twitter or Facebook (or both!) and either Facebook or tweet him to let him know that you stopped by Black Diamond's Book Reviews.  I would also appreciate if you would follow my blog!

Once you follow Dell, please post the link to your tweet or facebook message or let me know where I can find it.  Also, please give me your e-mail address.

Winner will be selected on Friday at 10:00 p.m.

Thank you Dell!

I would like to thank you for being  a part of Week With An Author.  Dell, you really worked well with me on this new project, and I really enjoyed it. It has been an interesting week, especially because all week long my computer has been crashing continuously which makes for long waits!  I found out about Hootsuite which allowed me to schedule posts throughout the day to get more attention which was very cool!

I have really learned a lot about you as an author and a person. I, of course, loved reading Shady and thank you again for letting me be an advanced reader and putting my name in your Acknowledgments!  I enjoyed spreading the word about your and your awesome new book Shady! 

If anyone has interest in being a part of Week With An Author, please check out my page: Week With An Author.

Don't worry.  If you didn't win a copy (even though you did have 5 chances to win!, here is a link that you can click to purchase your own copy of Shady by Dell Banks!

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  1. im not to late right, its 11:53pm still friday.
    i enjoyed your post on the author and the book looks very promising.

  2. all man, we on different time slots, ok, do one more if no one wins, one more for the book, lol.

  3. Yes, you win! E-mail me your address to