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Book Review - Draw 2 by J-Real

Draw Part 2

Book Details
Title: Draw 2
Author: J-Real
Publisher:  Real Ink Publishing
Release Date: February 22nd 2011
Source: Won from author

Read for the Oosa 2K11 Reading Challenge (book 5 out of 13)

About the Book:

The streets have their way of crowing the next Kingpin. Combine the history of the hood, and status is delegated accordingly. But it takes a cold heart, a ruthless make up, and there can be no room for love. How far will loyalty carry? Or is it even necessary? Serious' rise to power ended with his arrest and five years in the penitentiary. It was there where he found out it was all a lie. Now he wants the truth and he will stop at nothing to get it. Now a father, a successful club owner, and an exile from a dangerous underworld, Serious only option is to walk away from everything he'd built, to hand it over to his comrade and original partner, Tipsy. But Tip wants more than serious is willing to give. And when the stakes are high, betrayal is always written in blood. And the deeper it gets the more evident is the truth that loyalty and love play no part in the streets. All that's left is vengeance, and the players in this arena are certified killers. And in the end it all comes down to the first to Draw will be the last to stand. Draw 2 is a gritty pathway into the Yonkers underworld on levels where kingpins and Drug Lords roam and claim the streets by all means necessary. Where the same blood-shed that bonds is what justifies. Where you find out that your enemies and your friends are one in the same. A thrilling conclusion to the illest cinematic street epic.
My Review:
I read Draw, so I was very happy when I found out I won Draw 2 from J-Real!

Serious got a strike against him from me when he decided to see Laura upon his release from lock-up.  He should have gone to visit Candy and his daughter first. She was so disappointed that her daddy didn't come to see her first thing.  If he is going to go and have a child, she should be his first priority. 

Draw 2 was an okay book for me.   I get that this is an urban fiction book, but it was a little hard to read at times because of grammatical issues.  I had to go back and re-read sentences because they didn't have proper punctuation.  Because of this, I couldn't get into the story because I was paying attention to the way the book was written and not what was being said.  Hopefully for Draw 3 this won't be an issue because I am not giving up on J-Real!  I have to say though that J-Real really aced the steamy scenes in this book!  I would like to see a more erotic fiction book written by J-Real!

  My Rating: 3/5 diamonds - It was okay

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