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Book Review - The Retreat by Dijorn Moss

About the Book:

For those who have ever wondered what goes on at a men's retreat, The Retreat is an in-depth look into the lives of four men who have looked for answers in all the wrong places . . . until now. 

Quincy is in the final stages of his divorce, but he still wants to know which church member had an affair with his wife. Jamal is on the verge of the promotion of a lifetime, but unresolved issues with his son, Jamir, threaten everything. Chauncey is a man who will go to great lengths for his church, but not for his terminally ill brother. Will is a young hustler who has been given a rare opportunity to make a choice that will change his life forever.

These four men are all at a crossroads in their lives. Will they lay their burdens down at the cross, or will they choose paths that will cause more harm than good? It will all be revealed at the men's retreat, where they learn that they need God and his wisdom more than ever.
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My First Reaction When I Finished: 

This book had so many important messages!

My Review:

Quincy really thinks that he gives his wife everything, so why would she even cheat on him.  Why of all people would she have an affair with someone from the church.  He is going into this retreat hoping that he will find who it was. Will he find out or will he come away with his questions unanswered?  What will happen to their marriage?

Jamal doesn't know what to do when he finds out something about his son.  He isn't sure which way to go with his life.  He is hoping the retreat will hold answers for him.  What does he find out and will he find the guidance he needs to make the right decision?

Chauncey really needed to go to the retreat, but something unexpected happens on the way that may change his life and someone else's life too.  What happens?

Will seems like he might never get out of the life that he has.  Something he did and then changed his mind about really surprised me and gave me faith that maybe he would change.  That was one of my favorite parts of the book!  Was that just a one-time thing, or will his life be turned around? 

This book is one that I am so glad that I read.  It was nice to read about the man's point of view and what is going through their head in certain situations!  This is the first Urban Christian  Fiction book that I've read., and I plan on reading more in the future.  Dijorn Moss is a highly talented author and one I will be looking forward to reading again!  I really feel like I learned so much from this book!

Favorite Quotes from the book:
p. 35
Sometimes God's opportunities for redemption come in the most unique packages

"We all mess up sometimes.  Lord knows I do, but the scripture says that the Lord makes us new mercies every day.  So you do not have to carry your past into your future.  You can decide to land anew and God is waiting for you.  No matter what you've done."

"Don't wait, tomorrow is not promised.  Make a choice to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and He will remove your sins.  You might not feel like you deserve it, but the scripture says that His ways are not your ways."

"I know that there are some fine sistas at your church and job, but guess what?  God isn't going to stop making them, so we have to learn to master our filthy desires, Minister Perkins said.
Do I recommend?
Yes, definitely!

My rating:

5/5 diamonds

Highly Recommend Purchasing This Book!

 Book Details:
Title: The Retreat
Author: Dijorn Moss
Publisher:   Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pages: Paperback; 288 pages
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  1. definite going on my BTP list. nice review.stop by my blog, hosting a book giveaway too.

  2. I think this is an important addition to Christian fiction..from a male's POV!!!

  3. This sounds really good and from a different perspective from what I have read before... seems like these books are usually written from the womens perspective.