Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review Head Bangers An APF Sexcapade by Zane

Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade

by Zane
Paperback, 104 pages
Published February 3rd 2009 by Strebor Books

Hope and Faith are twins that go to the Crockett University in Washington, D.C.  They belong to the sorority called Alpha Phi Fuckem. Hope and Faith (Soror Ride 'Em High and Soror Lick 'Em Low) and the other people in these sororities are freaky with a capital F. In the beginning of the book there was a convention.  Everyone had to bring a playmate. They went to a private casino in the hotel and got to cash in their chips for sexual favors from the person of their choice.    Then they had APF Freak Night in their dorm room.  The men went upstairs to their laptops and the women were downstairs.  They had virtual sex.  The women got to control the men's vibrating thongs and the men got the controls to the women's vibrators.  Then they got to meet up after the men all blew their loads.

Faith meets Kevin at the college.  She starts to fall for him.  He is an older man and just what Faith wants.  He has the moves and seems to have a "magical dick".  Seems as though she is not the only one who thinks his dick is magical.

This was a quickie that's for sure.  I got through this book in no time.  If you like your sex kinky and wonder what the Sorer Twister can do (I had to re-read this part to figure out how she did it), then go and pick this book up.  This is one you will want to buy and keep on hand if you are feeling in the mood for a quick erotic read.    I was very surprised by the ending and know now why Zane is the erotica Queen!

5 out of 5 Diamonds
Go out and buy this Quickie!

My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist.They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.

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  1. Now I know why you've been coming to work with that smile on your face!! Great review!