Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mailbox Monday - November 8

Mailbox Monday
is hosted by Julie @ Knitting and sundries (October Host)
We share what books that we found
in our mailboxes last week.
I bought this book from the Black Expressions Book Club:

An Inconvenient Friend

Samaria Jacobs is a deceitful, yet captivating diva who will do anything to win the heart of her married lover. Will she get her man or destroy herself and everyone else in the process?
Samaria has her sights set on Gregory Preston. A successful surgeon, he has just the bankroll she needs to keep her in the lifestyle that her credit card debt has helped her grow accustomed to. He's married, but Samaria would never let a little thing like that get in her way.

Samaria joins New Mercies Christian Church to get close to Gregory's wife. If she gets to know Angelina Preston, she can become like her in more than just looks, and really work her way into Greg's heart.

Angelina's life is filled with a successful career and busy ministry work, but something's just not right with her marriage. Late nights, early meetings, lipstick- and perfume-stained shirts have her suspicious that Greg is doing a little more operating than she'd like. But does she have the strength to confront the only man she's ever loved and risk losing him to the other woman?

Just when Samaria thinks she's got it all figured out, she finds herself drawn to Angelina's kindness. Will she be able to carry out her plan after she finds herself yearning for the one thing she's never had. . .the friendship of a woman?
I also purchased this book:

You're All I Need

Karen White-Owens's compelling tale of love, loyalty, and the law, spans the continents as an irresistible Frenchman turns the life of an ambitious young woman upside down-
Making it as a hotshot legal eagle takes smarts, savvy-and acceptance to a prestigious law school. That-s exactly what independent beauty Tia Edwards has when she-s hit with a thunderbolt on her way up the professional ladder-a request from her boss to help Christophe Jensen, a charismatic new attorney from France, feel right at home-

Sparks fly when the two first meet, yet both are wary of taking things to the next level. But when Tia catches her man with someone else, she lets her connection with Christophe heat up. Happier than she's ever been, complications arise when Christophe is summoned back to France. Suddenly, the best time of Tia's life starts falling apart, as she-s forced to choose between her family and her future-with a man whose home is on the other side of the ocean...


  1. Both books sound intriguing. Your first sounds complicated as well!

  2. they both sound interesting...I will read one of these some day!

  3. I haven't heard of these, but they sound good. Happy reading!