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Review of Murder at the Ingham County Fair by Richard Baldwin

Murder at the Ingham County Fair

Murder at the Ingham County Fair

by Richard Baldwin
From Goodreads:
Judge Winston Breckinridge, a Republican candidate for a seat in the Michigan Legislature, is murdered at the Ingham County Fair while manning his party's booth. It seems the judge was not well-liked by many, but who would go to such extremes? On
ce again, mystery writer Richard Baldwin gives readers what they crave...a good plot, interesting characters, some excitement, and, when all is said and done, justice.
Paperback, 220 pages
Published 2009 by Buttonwood Press

My thoughts:
I picked this book out because I heard the author was coming to our local library and I wanted to know what his books were all about. He is a very good writer and it was interesting reading a book naming places in Michigan that I have heard of before!

Judge Breckinridge is murdered at the Ingham County Fair. His death is investigated and it seems like there are a lot of suspects. Nobody really likes the judge that much. It was interesting trying to figure out "who did it".

One thing cool about this book is that there were some pictures in it. For example, there was a drawing of a gun, a drawing of a nametag that was found, a drawing of a tattoo on a woman's ankle that seemed significant. It was cool just seeing those pictur
es, and it was something different.

Another thing I really liked about this book was the Epilogue. It named each person in the story and what their outcome was, like who the killers were and so on.

I also liked the cover. It is very cool.

I was lucky enough to also meet the author and listen to him talk about how his stories come about and the writing process. He was at our local library this week. I also was able to purchase a few of his books and get them signed.

An interesting thing that he said at his book signing was that he makes a murder story without drugs, drinking, sex, and profanity. It is true there is not any of t
hat and it is still a good story!

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars!

Here is a picture of me and Richard Baldwin

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