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Review of Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
From Goodreads:
book data: Look Again 3.68 average rating, 3,069 ratings, 909 reviews%
published: April 14th 2009 by St. Martin's Press
details: Hardcover, 352 pages
Ellen Gleeson
When reporter Ellen Gleeson gets a “Have You Seen This Child?” flyer in the mail, she almost throws it away. But something about it makes her look again, and her heart stops—the child in the photo is identical to her adopted son, Will. Her every instinct tells her to deny the similarity between the boys, because she knows her adoption was lawful. But she’s a journalist and won’t be able to stop thinking about the photo until she figures out the truth. And she can’t shake the question: if Will rightfully belongs to someone else, should she keep him or give him up? She investigates, uncovering clues no one was meant to discover, and when she digs too deep, she risks losing her own life—and that of the son she loves.
Lisa Scottoline breaks new ground in Look Again, a thriller that’s both heart-stopping and heart-breaking, and sure to have new fans and book clubs buzzing.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book. I was hooked from the moment I started reading. Ellen got a postcard in the mail with a picture of a missing boy on it. He looked just like her adopted son Will. She is a reporter and is doing a story on mothers who have lost their children, one was to a killer and the other was taken by his father and the mother is still searching for him. The picture on the postcard is bothering her, so she does a search on the internet. She finds a picture of the kidnapped boy named Timothy and prints it out to show her dad. He thought it was a picture of Will. She decides to take in into her own hands and figure out if her son Will is really Timothy. She tries to contact the lawyer that did the adoption and finds out that she committed suicide just after the adoption. The lawyer's husband did give her permission to take the files for her case to find out who the birth parents are of Will and try to figure this whole thing out.

It would be a very hard situation to find out that the boy you adopted may be a child that had been kidnapped. Ellen knew that by trying to figure this all out, there may be a chance that her son is really Timothy and he might be the son of the Bravermans. She may lose him if she keeps digging, but she doesn't want to have to live with the thoughts that maybe she is keeping him from his birth parents, even thought she loves him like he is her own blood.

What she finds out is shocking and the end was full of action.

I gave this book 5 stars!

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  1. I enjoyed this one too, although I believe you liked it better than I did. I would read another one by this author.