Friday, May 28, 2010

Fitness Friday Update #4 - May 28, 2010

(not my body - this is just wishful thinking!)
Last week I admit I did go up to 177, so I didn't post an update, but this week I did better than ever!

I have really cut down this week. Only 2 regular Pepsis allowed for me a day. I have been eating a really light breakfast (except for today--I had to eat breakfast from Lew and Co's class since it's the last Friday they are making breakfast--I just love their bacon!) 2 days this week I had pretty bad luck with the school lunch. One day I had plastic baked into my pizza, so I mashed potatoes and gravy instead (a very little amount). The next day I had hair in my salad, and so all I had for lunch was Raisinettes. I have not been snacking. I have had a happy week and am not eating out of stress like I had been. Maybe I will get down into the 160's next week!

1. Weight on 3/31/10: 172
2. Weight on 5/7/10: 178
3. Weight on 4/14/10: 175.5
4. Today's weight (5/28/10): 171!!!
Total: -down 4.5 pounds since last update but 6 pounds since last week!!!!!

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  1. Maybe if they can continue to offer you surprises in your daily lunch you'll be so grossed out that you won't be able to eat...therefore, losing a few pounds!! LOL!!!

    You're doing great!