Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright

Here are a couple quotes from the book:

She goes and tries on sexy underclothes at the store and some high heels. P. 76 "This is all quite nasty and lovely, the way the shoes life your legs up to the eye level of the consumer, and isn't that what they do with candy at the checkout counter, after all? It's the way of the world. What you see is what you want, and I would like to be candy at the checkout counter, at least once in a while. I would like to be the guilty pleasure, that thing you know isn't good for you but you grab it anyway."

She was going to save the sexy underclothes for Gerry, but she puts them on for her husband. He says (P. 102) "What exactly are you trying to be?" Ah, the question that has no answer. "Really", he says, "where'd you get this stuff? Did you borrow it from Kelly?" I bolt from the bed and teeter my way into the closet, my face burning with shame. "Don't be mad," he calls after me. "Just let me watch the weather and then you can come back in here and be that little thing." But I have already pulled the camisole over my head and the stocksings down around my ankles, I am already beginning to cram the evidence of my stupidity back into the pink Federica's bag.

Elyse and Gerry were both married and they met briefly on an airplane. She was on her way home from a pottery show. She wasn't even supposed to be seated there, but someone asked her to change seats. He wasn't supposed to be on the plane, but he had missed his connecting flight. They liked each other right away and thought about getting a hotel instead of getting on their connecting flight, but they didn't. I don't even know how they could figure out that they even liked each other enough to have an affair after that short time.

They decide to meet once a month in a different city. It seems like their husband/wife would kind of get suspicious after a while.

Counseling is not helping Elyse and her husband, but she tries to just make it work. I just can't see how they justify having an affair. I mean yes Elyse and her husband's marriage was going downhill. If they couldn't make things better, she should have ended that relationship before starting a new one. Elyse and Gerry's relationship was exciting, but that still doesn't make it right.

This book was okay, but it was just uncomfortable reading a story of an affair. I felt bad for the husband and the kids. I would give it a 3.

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  1. This one really isn't my alley but thank you for the review!