Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Blue Notebook The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine

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This is a story of a 9 year old Indian girl who was sold into prostitution by her parents. What the girl, Batuk, had to go through was terrible and made me very sad for her. Batuk has a terrible life, but she has a blue notebook where she writes stories. It really opens my mind up and made me more aware of what some children have to go through in their everyday lives just to get through day to day. It was a good book, but really makes me wonder how many children actually have to live their lives this way and makes me thankful for my upbringing. I thought I had rough days, but it's nothing compared to what Batuk had to endure.

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  1. Great review Cheryl. This book shook me to the core. At times I had to stop reading, get my emotions out, regroup and pick it up again. Unfortunately, I think this is a huge problem in India and other countries that have such a huge disparity in income levels. I've watched a few documentaries on this problem and it is huge!! I would recommend that you read Sold by Patricia McCormick..excellent YA and in a different part of the world..I think!!