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Week With An Author - Daddy Rich - Review of Mack's Revenge - October 17, 2011

This week I have the pleasure of bringing Author Daddy Rich to Black Diamond's Book Reviews!
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(I originally reviewed this book in December of 2010)


This is the story of "Big Mac" whose real name is Richard D McVickers. Big Mac is a rapper, a real estate agent and a drug dealer.
“I got 8 kids 6 baby mommas - 1 baby by each - and I got 2 stepsons with my wife Tanisha. I love them niggaz as my own. “ (p.2)
Richard "Big Mac" gets locked up and is held for attempted murder, criminal confinement, obstruction of justice, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and tampering with a state’s witness, (p.72). When he is being questioned, Detective Reece asked him about the Mexican's he has been dealing drugs with up north and he says
"Look, the dude’s name Up North is Kristopher - with a K- older white dude in his fifties. Pale, fat as hell with a white beard. I only met him once,” I said. “O.K. Kristopher what? What’s his full name?” “Kris um, Kringle, Kristopher Kringle.” “I thought your connection was Mexican. Kris Kringle sounds English or something. Sounds familiar, though. How does it all work; what’s the operation? (p.79)

"Reese’s nostrils flared. “You made me look like a damn fool! Santa Claus? You tell me you been getting dope from Santa Claus?” I don’t like being laughed at.” He threw his interview notes at me. (p.82)
As you can see, there is a lot of humor in this book. I was laughing out loud in some spots!
Meanwhile, his girlfriend Becky is out shopping and spending Mac's money. He calls her and needs bail money. He acts all fine about her spending money, and she thinks he is going to be pissed. He is pissed, but he needs her to bail him out and take care of his business. Becky seems like all she cares about is Mac's money. Yeah, Mac got himself into some trouble. If she is gonna be with him, she needs to support him.
Oh yeah, and there is some hot and heavy sex too.
"Y’all ain’t gonna believe what happened next! This b***h walked around her desk, sat on it, spread her legs wide open, and snapped her fingers and pointed to her p**sy (p.94)"
I was glad that his sister introduced him to her friend Tanisha. Tanisha seemed like a sweet girl and Mac really liked her. He had a lot of women, but I really felt in my heart that Tanisha was the one for him and he would always be true to her.
You need to read this book to find out what goes down, but I have to tell you that Mac gets locked up again and was set up by the drug task force. It pisses me off that he was set up. He was locked up in 2005 and is still locked up to this day. He was convicted of a crime that he was never actually charged with. This is a true life story (except for him killing anyone and escaping). He really wants to get across to the readers that he knows that he made some bad choices and drugs are not the way to go, but there are some people out there that just will do anything to better themselves, even if it means setting someone up to benefit themselves.
I loved the writing. It's totally a gangster book and he doesn't try and change the wording. He says it like it is. This book really opened my eyes to the gangster world. The sex scenes were off the chain!
I really hope that he can get out and be with his wife and kids and get his rap career rolling!
5 out of 5 diamonds!
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  1. sounds like a fun read! I love the sound of the characterization, I believe that Daddy Rich has an excellent grasp with writing! Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!


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  2. Even though this isn't one that I would read I loved your review and enthusiasm!