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Nan: The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones (The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones #1) by Moses Miller

The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones (NAN)
Paperback342 pages
Published September 12th 2006 by Mind Candy, LLC.
Source:  Purchased (autographed copy from author)
Book 13 of 13 for the Oosa 2K11 13 week challenge for the 2nd quarter

About the Book

Book Trailer:

Some may think that it all began when a rogue group of corrupt NYPD pigs kicked in my door. Their minds were racing with murderous thoughts, and their guns blazing with evil intentions. They attempted to take everything away from me even killed the one I loved. 

But, I trace everything back to the day that I lost my parents at the tender age of thirteen, to a crazed drug addict on a PCP fueled rush. That day, my innocence was lost. That day, I met the man that would forever change my life. 

I will forever be defined by the choices I have made from that point in my life forward. Murder, Mayhem, Revenge and Redemption .Before you judge me for what I became, I only ask that you take the time to fully understand what I was forced to become. I didn't ask for this. It came looking for me. This is the story that Five-0 didn't want you to know. The untold truth that forever corrupted my innocence. This is my story 

-Nathan Jones

About the Author
I am an award winning author, journalist and co-founder of Mind Candy, LLC, which is a company focused on book publishing and the development of creative and thought provoking screenplays. I write stories that capture the pulse of the streets with intelligence, strong character development and well thought out storylines.I have written for various websites and publications including The Voice, Newsday and 88HIPHOP.COM. I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters of Science degree in Technology Management obtained from Polytechnic University. My first novel, Nan: The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones has received awards and critical acclaim from critics, readers and book clubs around the world.I'm a socially conscious individual that strives to play a key role in helping to improve the literacy rates amongst African American and Hispanic teens.

Moses Miller Interview Part 1

Moses Miller Interview Part 2

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My Review
I really wanted to read one of Moses Miller's books.  He is part of the Love Literature Tour (which I haven't been to, but I've read a lot of the authors), so I thought what better to do than start with the first book in the NAN series!    It is also my book 13 out of 13 for the Oosa 2K11 13 week challenge for the 2nd quarter which ends today.  I got done just in time.   I just started this book the day before yesterday and had it 80% done as of last night!  That's how quick this book went!

The story is about the lives of two boys, Nathan Jones (NAN) and Joseph Hayes (Joe).  Both boys had tragedies strike when they were young--they both lost their parents.   Officer Carson tries to help the boys, but the boys have no idea what they are getting themselves into.  The story involves drugs, murder, corruption and so much more.  There is not a slow spot in this story AT ALL!

Moses Miller has a unique style of writing.  The story does not just drone on scene by scene.  You go from present day back to the past and back to the present.  I was really on the edge of my seat and could not believe how fast I flew through this book!   There was a lot of action!  I had no idea what to expect before I read this, but it included everything that I like about reading: action, sex, drama, oh yeah, and did I mention sex? LOL!  Go out and read this out and BUY this one and then read it!  You won't be disappointed at all!  The only thing I didn't like was the end.  What happens next?  I can't wait to read the next book to see!  

My Rating

5/5 Diamonds - Highly Recommend!

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Disclaimer:  My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal reflections based solely on MY experience while reading this novel.

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  1. Ok!!! I'm getting the series!!!

  2. Even though this isn't my type of read I'm glad that it was a fast and furious one for you!!

  3. I'm always honored when someone takes the time to read and review my work. Thank you, Cheryl. I appreciate you. MM

  4. girl, I got to stop coming here, I alwayz end up adding to my 'books to buy' list. well, i'm stopping by not only to catch up on what you been reading and reviewing but DRUM ROLL: i am presenting you with the IRRESISTIBLY SWEET BOG AWARD. come to my page for details.