Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Chapter A Month . com

Have you checked out


Here are the authors you will find there:


 (click on the name and it will direct you right to their page on!)

Do you like these authors?  If you do, or even if you aren't sure--you need to check out!

What happens is you go there and pick out the authors that you want to read. All you have to pay is .99 cents and you can download the chapter.  You can download all of them at just .99 cents each, or which ever ones you would like.  Next month, you can go back and download the next chapter for .99 cents.  

After you download the chapters, you will be sent four links in an e-mail.  You then check to see which format you want to download and download the chapter.  The formats are: epub or mobi or lit or pdf.

You will always have something new to read from each of the 16 authors each month!  Also, each month a new author will be added to the site!

Go ahead and take a look.  I am sure you will find one--if not more--chapters that you want to download and read each month! 


  1. Hi CelticLady here thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my review of Sarah, They're Coming For You.I did try reading it on my Kindle sideways but in order to have the font I could read, not only did I have to scroll down but also horizontally. I am not following you also. Have a great day!!!

  2. yes, I have heard of this now i must go and check it out throughly. did you do a tour on stilletoes and scroundrels. (excuse spelling)