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Book Review - Redemption by Laurel Dewey

My Rating:

 2/5 diamonds

Book Details:
Title: Redemption
Author: Laurel Dewey
Publisher: The Story Plant
; Publication Date:  June 16, 2009
Pages: Hardcover; 400 pages

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From Goodreads:

After the events in Protector (Story Plant mass market, May 2009), Jane Perry has resigned from the Denver Police Department. Trying to make a living as a private investigator, she finds her past haunting her at every turn and her old demons rising up to torment her.

Seeking some level of comfort at an AA meeting, Jane encounters a woman who knows what Jane does for a living. The woman wants Jane to drive with her from Colorado to Northern California in search of a man who matches the description of the killer who murdered her granddaughter many years before. She's convinced that the man has started to kill again and she wants to stop him.

Jane thinks the woman is crazy-especially when she discovers that she's a New Age devotee-but Jane is desperate for work. They head on the road, gathering critical information about the killer, and themselves, along the way. Jane has recently experienced several events in her life that seem to border on the paranormal, though she is a complete skeptic in that regard. Now, those experiences come with greater frequency. And when the trail of the killer leads to a fundamentalist church, the consequences of belief and faith propel her toward a deadly confrontation.

Once again, Laurel Dewey has created a novel as rich in character as it is in suspense. Juxtaposing spirituality and religion, mission and manipulation, revenge and redemption, this is a powerful, taut mystery that will confirm her as a top-flight storyteller.

Three Reasons Review (borrowed from:

1.) Reasons you chose this book
  • I like to read mysteries
  • It sounded like an interesting book!

2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this book
  •  I liked the mystery when certain things kept coming up, like the snake stone and Eagle Road.  It seemed like signs were coming up everywhere.  I found this very interesting.
  • Now I am a Christian, but the religious parts of this book just took away from the story for me.  I really found myself skimming over those parts of the book.
  • I had kind of a hard time staying in tune with the story.

3.) Reasons you are recommending this book
  • I struggled with this book but visit Amazon and look at other reviews, because it really depends on what you like.

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  1. When it's too heavy on God it really detracts instead of adds to the story. Sorry it was a 2 diamond read!

  2. I've read REDEMPTION and loved it and I've got to say that it's NOT a religious book, nor is it a book about God. This is first and foremost a crime thriller about a Detective and citizen who are trying to save a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped. It's a story about how narrow mindedness on all sides (New Age, Christians, etc.) can create obstacles in one's life.

    This was one of the most heartfelt, well written books I've read in a long time. It's definitely spiritual but to label it as "about God" or "religious" is just off track and doesn't give it the credit it deserves for being a compelling read. If anything, REDEMPTION makes you think and question. At least that's what it did for me. It hung with me days after I finished it.