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Book Review - Twisted Obsession by P Dotson

About The Book:

The young and innocent Allexis escapes the hands of one abusive man only to run into the arms of another. After months of suffering humiliating abuse at the hands of her father, Allexis flees to Virginia to live with her sister. Things seemed to setting in place until she is instantly swept off her feet by the ruthless Kane with his mysterious charm. When Kane's eyes landed on Allexis it was instant connection to his troubled past. And it didn't take Kane long to woo the naive Allexis in under his seemingly charming spell. With Allexis by his side he is determined to amend his past mistakes through her, but at what cost. Unfortunately for Kane Allexis should be the least of his worries. Take a ride into this sorted tale of lies, sex and abuse. Will Allexis be able to free herself from Kane's grasp, or will she find herself entrapped in his "Twisted Obsession"..

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My first reactions when I finished:
I loved this book!  I couldn't put it down!  Kane scares me and I wonder what is going to happen in the next book.  Can't wait to read it and find out!

My Review:

Allexis is such a sweet girl, but what happened to her at home by her dad was terrible.  I am glad she went to live with her sister Tina.  It's too bad that she got mixed up with Kane though.  He seemed like a sweet enough guy to her at first, but then he started to show what his true colors are.  I was scared for her and hoped that she would hook up with Joey.  I can't wait to see in the next book what happens!

I love the cover!  It's very different from any other book cover I've seen.  This book had such a great flow to it, and the font in this book made it very easy to read which I loved.  The characters were very believable and the author did a great job building her characters.   

I am really looking forward to reading more of P Dotson's books!

Favorite Character:  Allexis. 

Least Favorite Character:  Kane.

Quote: P. 94

Allexis started up the car.  Their conversation left her wondering.  She wondered what he meant when he said he would be the father that her real father couldn't be. And she wondered what he meant when he told her don't play games.  

5/5 Diamonds

Highly Recommend Purchasing This Book!


Book Details:
Title: Twisted Obsession
Author: P Dotson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: Paperback; 194 pages
Source:Sent to me by the author


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  1. Hopefully you'll get some of your questions answered in the next book!!! Kane sounds like a bad boy!