Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Review - Shady by Dell Banks

About the Book:
A world that is ruled by greed, betrayal and secrets! Giselle Whitfield's life has always been full of surprises. It all started with Ms. Greta Mitchell; her jealous-hearted mother, who abandoned her at a young age only to barge back into her life to create hell on earth. To cope with the drama of her past, Giselle does what's expected of her; scheming, lying and keeping secrets.

Now, as a grown woman holding her own, will Giselle be able to extinguish the hellish flames of her conniving past and deceitful ways? Will the red carpet treatment from her Prince Charming, be the beacon of light to escape the darkness of her past?

Join Dell Banks in his highly anticipated debut novel Shady as he introduces some of the shadiest people to ever hit the streets of Detroit. Experience it all as it untangles toward a state of undoubted destiny... or fate.

My Review:
I was so excited to be able to review an advance copy of this book!  I just purchased a Kindle and I downloaded the pdf copy of this book from Dell Banks to my Kindle.  This was the first book that I read on my new Kindle, and I couldn't have picked a better book!  Plus, the story takes place in Detroit.  I am from Michigan, so it was cool to read a book set in my home state!  

This book starts off with a bang!  It has my full attention.  I am already feeling sorry for the "ghetto Cinderella, living on the Northwest side of Detroit" (p3).  Her mom sounds like a real bitch.  It's too bad she doesn't know who her real dad is.  I hope she finds him someday.  I have tears in my eyes reading her diary entry. 

I love that Dell Banks adds humor to his book as well.  The quote "I wrapped my legs around his waist tighter than a lug nut on a tire and flipped him on his back and began to ride his dick like it was our last time." p14 was funny!  Dell Banks really sounds like a fun guy to be around just from the humor added to his book.

The sex in this book, wow!  Come on, when you look at the sexy woman on the book cover, you know there has to be some sex!  You know he got my juices flowing when GiGi was with the detective!

Wow!  I am impressed with Dell Banks!  What an awesome book!  He did a great job creating characters that came to life!  This book was full of drama and kept me turning pages like crazy! I was very shocked by the ending and it has me wondering what is going to happen in the next book.  I can't wait for the next one!

Favorite New Words (Phrases) From This Book:
"monthy girlfriend" (that is a different way to look at a period!)  p.8
"one-eyed monster" p.14

Craig was lost for words. He hadn't been able to understand why Greta had so much hate in her heart for her daughter. But today, the light has shed upon the real reason; Greta was jealous of her daughter and hated the fact that Giselle was living the life she always wanted to live.

My Rating:
 5/5 diamonds
A book to purchase!

Book Details:
Title: Shady
Author: Dell Banks
Heir to the Throne Publications
Pages: e-book; 205 pages

Source:Provided to me by Dell Banks

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  1. this one sound like a good read. I shall place it on my books to purchase. i have a nook and can't wait til it arrives. oh, stop by my quick and easy book giveaway, ends tomorrow.

  2. You will love it Sidne! Thanks! I stopped by your blog!