Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday
We share what books that we found 
in our mailboxes last week.
Okay, I saw my friend Jason's review on this book and I had to buy a copy.  I got a signed copy from the author.  Here is a link to Jason's review:  I think you will agree after reading this review that this book begs to be read! 
The Pussy Whispers is a delicious collection of sensually erotic short stories and poetry which will stimulate all of your senses as you indulge in this writer's brand of erotica. The lyrical passion will caress your mind and feed your body from the first mental stroke of The Pussy Whispers verbal penetration. It will leave you craving and thirsting for more...

This book I got from Shelf Awareness.  It's an advance copy.

Leonid McGill is back, in the third-and most enthralling and ambitious-installment in Walter Mosley's latest New York Times- bestselling series.
The economy has hit the private-investigator business hard, even for the detective designated as "a more than worthy successor to Philip Marlowe" (The Boston Globe) and "the perfect heir to Easy Rawlins" (Toronto Globe and Mail). Lately, Leonid McGill is getting job offers only from the criminals he's worked so hard to leave behind. Meanwhile, his life grows ever more complicated: his favorite stepson, Twill, drops out of school for mysteriously lucrative pursuits; his best friend, Gordo, is diagnosed with cancer and is living on Leonid's couch; his wife takes a new lover, infuriating the old one and endangering the McGill family; and Leonid's girlfriend, Aura, is back but intent on some serious conversations...

So how can he say no to the beautiful young woman who walks into his office with a stack of cash? She's an artist, she tells him, who's escaped from poverty via marriage to a rich collector who keeps her on a stipend. But she says she fears for her life, and needs Leonid's help. Though Leonid knows better than to believe every word, this isn't a job he can afford to turn away, even as he senses that-if his family's misadventures don't kill him first-sorting out the woman's crooked tale will bring him straight to death's door.


  1. These books are extremely different!!!! Enjoy!

  2. The first book definitely isn't for me. That's one word I just don't like. But I hope you enjoy it.