Friday, October 22, 2010

September Book Totals

I don't always do this but my friend Staci at Life in the Thumb does, so I thought it would be a great way to look back on what I have read since I haven't really kept track. I mean, I track things in Goodreads, but I don't count up the books or anything. So here it is:

  1. 9/2 Til It's Gone 5/5 (loved it!)
  2. 9/3 Ace of Hearts (Deck of Cardz #1) 5/5 (glad I found this author!)
  3. 9/3 As Catch Can 2/5 (just wasn't into it)
  4. 9/5 Gigolos Get Lonely Too 4/5 (pretty good!
  5. 9/12 Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1) 5/5 (great series to read!)
  6. 9/15 Eternal Lover 1/5 (not what I expected!)
  7. 9/18 Body of Evidence 4/5 (got a little confused)
  8. 9/20 Deadly Little Secret (Touch #1) 2/5 (pen pal book-bad version of Twilight)
  9. 9/24 Around the Way Girls 5/5 (loved it!
  10. 9/28 Fight Fair 3/5 (was okay)
  11. 9/29 Casanegra 5/5 (awesome book)
  12. 9/29 Think of a Number 1/5 (couldn't finish it)

Total 12 books
I won't keep track of pages because a couple books I didn't finish.
Favorites: Til It's Gone, Ace of Hearts, Around the Way Girls and Casanegra!

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  1. You had an awesome month! I love keeping track on a monthly basis because it makes the yearly total post so much easier to write and it's always fun to go back to see what you've read during a particular time.